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Announcements & Important Course Information

Thursday, December 22


Friday, December 9

  • Reminder: The Final Exam is from 11:10 am - 1:40 pm on Monday.
    • Please arrive at 11 am to be ready to start at 11:10 am
  • Important Note: Any late work from the last week of class must be turned in before the start of the Final Exam on Monday in order to receive any credit.


Wednesday, December 7


Tuesday, November 29

  • I am not feeling well and will not be on-campus today, so I will not be available for office hours. However, I will be taking questions by email.
  • Reminder: Exam #4 will be held in LECTURE tomorrow, November 30.
    • I plan to be back on campus tomorrow, and have made arrangements for the proctoring of the exam and for lab in case I am not.


Wednesday, November 23

  • Experiment #11
    • We will perform Experiment #11 on Monday & Wednesday in lab. The prelab assignment is due at the start of the lab session. I will be checking your notebook to confirm that it includes the required elements of the PRELAB assignment: PURPOSE, REACTIONS, & the DATA TABLE. Be sure to have these completed so that you may perform the experiment.

  • Exam #4
    • Exam #4 will be held in LECTURE on Wednesday, November 30. This is a postponement due to the district web server failures on Tuesday.

  • Hot Air Balloon and Poster
    • The Hot Air Balloon Due Date & Flight Date is Friday, December 2 in LECTURE. Attendance is required, and it is a lot of fun to see your balloon fly and watch your classmates’ balloons!
    • I will have the lab open from ~11:15-11:55 for you to mass your balloon on that date (you are welcome to mass your balloon earlier in the week as well).
    • The flights will be conducted in the Building 7/8 Quad. Please plan to meet there as close to Noon as possible. We may run over by ~15 minutes to get all of the flights completed. Please be prepared for that possibility.
    • The poster will be due on Friday, December 9 in LECTURE. (Please note that this is the last day of lecture.)
      • We will be spending lecture time in the coming weeks discussing gas laws and the balloon calculations specifically. However, you should be able to do all of the other elements of the poster prior to that discussion. Please note that all of your dimensions should be in metric units, as with all of our measurements in science!
    • I will not be collecting a progress report on the balloon.

  • Problem Set #11
    • Problem Set #11 is posted. We have covered almost all of the material needed to answer these questions. This will be the last graded problem set of the semester.


Friday, November 11

  • PS #9 is posted. It will be due Saturday, November 19 at 9pm. I'll also be posting PS #10 later today. It will be due on Tusday, November 22.
  • Additional worksheet answer keys are posted on the LECTURE page. The worksheets with titles in boldface will be covered on Exam #4.


Sunday, October 30

  • Please see the course calendar for this week's lab activities.


Sunday, October 23

  • Reminders for this week:
    • The Experiment #5 (MgO) Report is DUE at the start of your lab session this week.
    • Please also prepare the Experiment #6 Data Table in your lab notebook prior to your lab session, and bring the printed experiment #6 handout to lab with you.
    • Sapling Problem Set #7 is due Thursday at 9pm.
    • Exam #3 will be held in lecture on Friday, October 28 (see below for more information).


Saturday, October 22

  • Reminder: Exam #3 will be held in lecture on Friday, October 28

    • We have completed lecture material on Formulas & Naming, including IONIC, COVALENT, and ACID Compounds (relates to Chapter 5) and on Moles and Empirical & Molecular Formulas (relates to Chapter 8). These topics will be covered on Exam #3.

    • We are now covering Chemical Reactions & Equations in lecture.
      • We began with directly covering General Concepts & Balancing Chemical Equations (relates to Chapter 6) on Friday and we will discuss Solubility Rules (relates to Section 7.2) on Monday.
      • We also began Classifying Reactions in lecture on Friday and will complete this discussion on Monday. This relates to material in the rest of Chapter 7. However, Chapter 7 makes the classifications a bit more complex that necessary. We will focus on the following classifications:
        • Combination
        • Decomposition
        • Single Replacement
        • Double Replacement
        • Combustion
      • For the exam, you may be asked to classify reactions, balance chemical equations, predict states of reactants or products, and predict the solubility of ionic compounds. However, you will not be asked to predict the products of reactions on this exam, or to write net ionic equations (those will be covered on Exam #4).

    • In addition to the Sapling Problem Sets, preparation for the exam should include working problems assigned from the chapters above (5-8), and the extra practice problems below:

Thursday, October 20

  • Problem Set #7 is posted. It is due next Thursday, October 27 by 9pm. However, I recommend completing sooner, as we have already covered all of the material on this problem set.


Thursday, October 13

  • Problem Set #6 is posted. It is due next Thursday by 9pm.


Thursday, October 6

  • I am feeling under the weather and have decided to cancel classes for Friday, October 7. Please see the course calendar for due dates for the coming week. Additional updates may be posted to the website on Friday or over the weekend.
  • As announced at the exam, the due date for the lab report for Experiment #3 (Separation of Salt & Sand) will be due Monday, October 10 by 2pm. You may turn it in before lecture on Monday or you may slide it under my office door by 2pm Monday.


Thursday, September 29

  • The lab report for Experiment #3 (Separation of Salt & Sand) will be due next Friday, October 7 by 3pm.
  • Reminder: The Prelaboratory Assignment for Experiment #5 is due next week at the start of your lab section:
    • Prepare a proper HEADING and the following sections:
      • Provide a statement of the experimental purposes.
      • Provide of a brief explanation of the methods and procedures we are using.
    • FINAL ANSWERS to Prelab Questions 2-7
      • Copy over the answers to Prelab Questions 2-7 to your notebook.
      • You will find these values useful during the experiment.
      • AA Section: Please copy over the answers to these questions worked in the lab lecture.
      • AB Section: We will discuss and work out the answers to these problems in lab on Wednesday
      • On a new page, prepare a data table for the experiment using the provided table as your guide.
    • PRELAB QUESTIONS: These were performed in lab lecture Monday (AA section) and will be performed during lab lecture next Wednesday (AB section) and the prelab question handout will not be collected.


Thursday, September 22

  • Reminder: Please bring your lab notebook & data for Experiment #3 to lecture tomorrow, as we will be discussing your results and possible ways to improve the procedure.
  • Problem Sets:
    • The due date for problem set #4 has been extended to next Thursday (9/29) at 9pm.
    • Problem Set #5 is posted and will be due Monday, October 3 at 9pm.


Thursday, September 15

  • Office hours for Friday have changed due to the exam schedule for both CHEM 235 and CHEM 192.
    • 11:30am - Noon
    • 1:30 - 2pm


Tuesday, September 13

  • Reminder: Problem Set #3 is due on Sapling learning by 9pm this evening
  • I am not feeling well and will not be on campus today
    • Office hours are cancelled for today
    • I will still be answering emails today if you have questions
    • I do expect to be back on campus for classes tomorrow


Sunday, September 11

  • Exam #1 Information

    • Exam #1 will be administered in lecture on Friday, September 16
      • Please arrive as close to noon as possible so that we may start promptly at 12:10 am

    • Study Guide & Topics Covered:


Tuesday, September 6

  • Problem Set #3 is posted. It is due Tuesday, September 13 by 9pm.
  • REMINDER: The completed DENSITY Experiment PRELAB (including the notebook elements and the prelab questions) are due at the start of your next lab session.
    • You MUST have the prelab notebook elements complete in order to perform the experiment.
    • If you do not have your prelab complete, you should still come to the lab session, as there are other required activities.


Friday, September 2

  • As announced in lecture today, in light of the performance on the first quiz,
    I have postponed Exam #1 to Friday, September 16. Please plan accordingly.
  • I recommend using the long weekend to work book problems from Chapter 2 and the extra practice worksheets on the lecture page. These will be an important part of your preparation for Exam #1.
  • Quiz #1 Answer Keys
  • Please check back for updates over the weekend.


Monday, August 29

  • Quiz #1 (on Wed. at the start of lecture) will cover:
    • The Introduction to Chemistry (see lecture notes and the related Ch.1 & Ch.3 material)
    • Scientific Notation (See lecture notes, Ch.2 reading & book problems, and worksheets)
    • Significant Figures (See lecture notes, Ch.2 reading & book problems, and worksheets)
  • Please note that the quiz will not cover dimensional analysis (unit conversion) problems that were covered in the second half of lecture today.


Wednesday, August 24

  • Quiz #1 will be administered next Wednesday, August 31 at the start of lecture.
  • Reminder: Problem Set #1 is due by 9pm today!
  • If you are able to login to Sapling Learning, but the questions seem not to be loading, you may need to update your adobe flash viewer. Follow the link below and it will guide you through the download and installation process.


Tuesday, August 16 - Start of Semester Announcements

  • Welcome to CHEM 192 - Introductory Chemistry. I am looking forward to a productive, challenging, and rewarding semester.  There is important information below that I would like to share with you regarding the start of the semester.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the links on the left side of this page. They will take you to most of the course online content.
  • CHEM 192 Fall 2016 Course Syllabus
  • How to Get the Most Out of Office Hours - I hope to see you often in office hours. It is a great time to get individualized and small-group assistance in the course.
  • Enrolled students: You are all set! Attend LECTURE on the first day of classes, Wednesday, August 17 and the LABORATORY class you are enrolled in on Monday, August 22 or Wednesday, August 24.

    IMPORTANT: If you are enrolled in the course, attendance at your assigned laboratory section during the first two weeks of classes is required to make sure that you maintain your enrollment! Lab does not meet on Wednesday, August 17, but I will be in the lab part of the afternoon.
  • Waitlisted students: Attend LECTURE on the first day of classes, Wednesday, August 17 and the LABORATORY class you wish to enroll in on Monday, August 22 or Wednesday, August 24. Add codes will be offered in lab sections NEXT WEEK (AA section on 8/22 and AB section on 8/24).
    • If you are interested in enrolling in either lab section, please come to the start of both next week; however, you are required to stay for the whole session only once. If you are not able to attend both next week, please email me individually before then.

  • Academic integrity will be be taken very seriously in the course. All students are expected to act with respect and honor codes of student conduct. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first two weeks of classes in lecture and in lab. Please scroll down on this page to read Skyline College academic honesty information.
  • Course Materials:

    • Please see the SYLLABUS for a complete listing of all of the required course materials.

    • The REQUIRED course LECTURE textbook is
      Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 7th or 8th Edition
      by Zumdahl & DeCoste

      • The 7th edition ISBN-10: 0538740523 or ISBN-13: 978-0538740524
        This will help you find it online.

      • The 8th edition is available in the bookstore and from various online sources.

      • We will begin using the textbook in the course right away, and it will be important that you have it. If you plan to purchase online, please do so as soon as possible.

      • Please begin reading the assigned readings from Chapters 1, 2 & 3, and working problems at the end of the reading sections. See the LECTURE page for assigned readings.

    • The REQUIRED course LABORATORY NOTEBOOK is a dual-copy, bound, numbered laboratory notebook. An appropriate laboratory notebook for chemistry courses is sold in the Skyline College Bookstore.

    • The REQUIRED course LABORATORY MANUAL is the Skyline College Chemistry 192 Laboratory Manual, which will be provided as website downloads (or handouts) over the course of the semester. Use the link on the left side of the page to access it.

    • Laboratory safety glasses or goggles.

    • The REQUIRED course online homework system is Sapling Learning:
  • Sapling Learning - Orientation & Problem Sets

    • If you register in the course on Sapling Learning by 9pm this Friday, August 19 you will earn 2 bonus points. Remember - you can do this even if you are on the waitlist, and you can register in the course for free at this time.

    • A Training Video & Practice Problem Set is posted under the Introduction section.
      They are not required, but I think you will find it helpful.

    • The first Graded Problem Set is posted under the Problem Sets section. See the course calendar and/or Sapling site for the due date/time.
      • It is a math review set that requires only knowledge through Introductory Algebra (a prerequisite for the course), so you can get started on this right away.
      • For this problem set, you have UNLIMITED attempts to answer each question with NO POINT DEDUCTION.
  • Course Notes Outlines are posted on the LECTURE page. We will use the first few sets during lecture and lab during the first two week of classes. There are files better for viewing on computers or other electronic devices and others intended for printing. Choose the format that is best for you.
  • Extra Practice Worksheets are posted on the LECTURE page. We will use these for in-class practice or for out-of-class reinforcement of chemical concepts and problem-solving.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.



  • The prerequisite for CHEM 192 is:
    • Successful completion (C or better) of MATH 110 (Elementary Algebra) or equivalent.
  • Please speak with me if you have any questions regarding your preparation for the course, or to if you wish to discuss whether another course is better suited to your academic preparation or goals. Please also ask if you have questions about prerequisites or the petition process.