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     Chemistry 220 - General Chemistry 2 - Spring 2018

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Lecture Notes, Homework & Readings

6th, 7th & 8th Reading & Textbook Problem Assignments Lecture Notes Outlines, Reference, Animations & Tutorials Extra Practice Worksheets Quiz & Exam Answer Keys Previous Semester Exams & Review Materials


Sapling Online Homework (Problem Sets)
Online Homework will be handled through the Sapling online Homework system. Please follow the link below to create an account, register in the course, and access your problem sets.


First-Semester General Chemistry (CHEM 210) Resources


Reading & Textbook Problem Assignments - Silberberg CHEMISTRY, 6th, 7th, & 8th editions
Textbook readings and the associated problems are an essential part of the preparation for the course. Most of the problems assigned below from the text will have a blue number and will have answers in the back of the book and full solutions in the student solutions manual. These problem assignments will not be collected or graded.

NOTE: In the book, the problems from chapter 16 are labeled 16.1, 16.2, ..., 16.35, etc. I have left off the chapter number from the questions to simplify.

  • Chapter 16 - Kinetics
    • Follow-up Problems (at the end of the reading sections): 1-3,5-10
    • 6th & 7th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 10,14,16,18,21,22,28,32,34,36,41,

    • 8th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 10,14,16,18,21,22,28,32,34,36,41,45,47,

  • Chapter 17 - Chemical Equilibrium
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-15
    • End-of-chapter Problems: 14,18,31,35,41-55(odd),63-73(odd)

  • Chapter 18 - Acid-Base Chemistry
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-15
    • 6th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 12,22,25,27,43,45,47,49,51,63,65,69,71,88,90,92,94,98,

    • 7th & 8th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 12,22,25,27,43,45,47,49,51,64,66,70,72,88,90,101,103,105,107,111,122-128(evens),134,135,138ab,142,144,150,151

  • Chapter 19 (sections 19.1-19.2) - Buffers & pH Titrations
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-4
    • 6th & 7th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 11,17,19,21,25,29,31,33,50-60(evens)
    • 8th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 12,18,20,22,26,30,32,34,49,51,53,55,59,61

  • Chapter 19 (sections 19.3-19.4) - Solubility & Complex Ions
    • Follow-up Problems: 5-10,12-14
    • 6th & 7th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 66,70-76(evens),82-88(even)91,94,95,99,101,103
    • 8th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 67,71-77(odds),83-89(odds),92,95,96,100,102,104

  • Chapter 20 -Thermodynamics
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-8,10
    • 6th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 10-16(evens),20,24,33b,37,39,50c,52c,56,58,70c,
    • 7th & 8th edition End-of-chapter Problems: 10-16(evens),20,24,33b,37,39,51c,53c,57,58,

  • Chapter 21 - Electrochemistry
    Review: Section 4.5-4.7
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-10
    • End-of-chapter Problems: 10,12,16,27,29,31,38,40,42,44,58,60,

  • Chapter 24 - Nuclear Chemistry
    • Follow-up Problems: 1-5
    • End-of-chapter Problems: 8,10,14,22

Reading & Textbook Problem Assignments - Silberberg CHEMISTRY, 5th ed.



Lecture Notes Outlines, Lecture Information, Reference Materials, Animations, & Tutorials
Powerpoint slides handouts are outlines of some lecture notes only. Many of the notes for the course will only be presented in lecture.


UNIT 1: Chemical Kinetics (Chapter 16)


UNIT 2: Chemical Equilibrium (Chapter 17)


UNIT 3: Acid-Base Chemistry (Chapters 18-19)


UNIT 4: Solubility & Complex Ions (Chapter 19)


UNIT 5: Thermodynamics (Chapter 20)


I will be updating some of the lecture notes this semester.
The files above are ready to print.
The notes handouts below are for reference only.


UNIT 6: Electrochemistry (Chapter 21)


UNIT 7: Nuclear Chemistry (Chapter 24)



Extra Practice Worksheets
Most of these worksheets are included with the course lab manual. Answer keys and additional worksheets will be posted here throughout the semester. These worksheets include selected problems on topics being studied, including problems from old exams.

CHEM 210 Review:

CHEM 220:

Note: A few of the Ka values used in the following worksheets may vary from current Ka chart.
If you arrived at a slightly different value than I did, see if I used a different Ka.

Note: You may need the following half reaction for questions on the electrochemistry handouts:
CrO4 Reduction



Current Semester Quiz & Exams Answer Keys

  • Exam #3 Answer Keys
    • Version
  • Exam #4 Answer Keys
    • Version



Previous Semester Exams & Other Exam Review Materials
The exams are for reference only. Topics on a given exam number may not match this semeter. Exam length and perceived difficulty of questions may also vary.