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Announcements & Important Course Information

Thursday, December 22


Wednesday, December 7


Sunday, December 4


Tuesday, November 29

  • CHEM 238: I am not feeling well today and have decided to cancel class. I do expect to be back on campus tomorrow. You may turn in the items due this week along with the NMR PS #3 in lab next week.


Monday, November 14

  • CHEM 238: Information for the Synthesis of para-Nitroaniline Lab Report
    • p-nitroaniline IR spectrum
    • I had intended to post the above spectrum earlier. Given the late posting, I will accept the report through 1pm on Friday.
    • Please be sure to provide the full mechanism for the reactions caried out in the experiment as part of the report.


Sunday, November 13

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #6 is posted. It is due Friday by 1pm.


Thursday, November 3

  • CHEM 238:
    • NMR PS #2 Answer Key is now posted
    • Next week in lab:
      • Lab Quiz #2: 1H-NMR Interpretation
        • Note: IR data analysis will be helpful in some of the structural deteminations.
      • Complete: Experiment #7 - Synthesis of p-Nitroaniline
      • DUE: Lab Report for Experiment #6: Friedel-Crafts
      • Demo: Using the NMR Device
      • Discussion: Using CHEMDraw (check email Thursday evening)
      • Discussion: Using NMR Data Analysis Software (check email Thursday evening)
      • Lab Lecture: TBA


Tuesday, October 25

  • CHEM 238:
    • Reminder - NMR PS #2 is due this Friday by 1pm.
    • Synthesis of p-Nitroaniline (#7):
      • A standard prelab is due at the start of lab on Tuesday, November 1.
    • Friedel-Crafts Experiment (#6):
      • Please prepare a standard lab report, including the mole table, discussion, conclusions, etc.
      • Refer to the questions in the DISCUSSION section of the lab handout as the basis for what to include in your discussion section in the report.
      • Treat the QUESTIONS at the end of the lab handout as post-lab questions for your report.


Monday, October 24


Saturday, October 22


Tuesday, October 18

  • CHEM 238
    • The Friedel-Crafts Reaction Handout is now posted. The prelab assignment is due next Tuesday, October 25 in lab.
    • The Diels-Alder Experiment Report is also due next Tuesday, October 25.
    • NMR PS#2 is posted. It will be due Friday, October 28 by 1pm.


Sunday, October 16

  • CHEM 235 Exam #2 Reminder
    • Exam #2 will be held this Friday, October 21.
    • We will be meeting in room 7-341 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory) for the exam.
    • You will have ~ 1 hour, 20 minutes for Exam #2.
      • The exam will be administered 9:40-11:00 am OR 10:10 - 11:30 am


Friday, October 14

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #4 answer key is posted
  • CHEM 238: NMR PS #1 and Lab Quiz #1 answer keys are posted


Thursday, October 6

  • I am feeling under the weather and have decided to cancel classes for Friday, October 7. Please see the course calendar for due dates for the coming week. Additional updates may be posted to the website on Friday or over the weekend.


Sunday, October 2

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #4 is posted.


Friday, September 23


Monday, September 19

  • CHEM 235:
    • Problem Set #3 is posted. It is due my 3pm next Monday, September 26.


Thursday, September 15

  • Office hours for Friday have changed due to the exam schedule for both CHEM 235 and CHEM 192.
    • 11:30am - Noon
    • 1:30 - 2pm


Tuesday, September 13

  • CHEM 238:
    • I am not feeling well today and will not be on campus.
    • The CHEM 238 lab is cancelled for today.
    • This will simply push back today’s due dates and activities to next week’s lab session.
    • I recommend using the extra time today to prepare for Friday’s lecture exam and to review the techniques and procedures that I recommended for review from CHEM 237 (Organic Chemistry 1 Lab).
      • You could also begin work on the Grignard experiment prelab (now due in 2 weeks) and some elements of the NaBH4 report (that can be done without the IR and other analysis data - also due in two weeks)
  • CHEM 235 & 238:
    • I will also be cancelling office hours today, but will be answering emails if you have questions.
    • I expect to be back on campus tomorrow for lecture.


Sunday, September 11

  • CHEM 235 Exam #1 Information:

    • You will have ~ 1 hour, 20 minutes for Exam #1. The exam will be administered 9:40-11:00am OR 10:10 -11:30am on Friday, September 16 in our regular lecture room.

    • Study Guide:
      • Topics and chapters covered:
        • Review of Key Org. Chem. 1 Topics & Reactions (various sections in Chaps. 1-9):
          • Chemical Structures, Bonding, Isomerism, and Stereochemistry
          • Acid-Base, Substitution, Elimination, Addition, & Hydrogenations Reactions
        • Oxidation and Reduction Reactions introduced this semester (Chaps. 12 & 20)
        • Reactions of Epoxides (Chaps. 9,12,20)
        • All new material covered this semester, through some or all of tomorrow's lecture, will be covered on the exam. I will indicate when we move on to Exam #2 material.
      • Textbook problems from the related sections and the Extra practice worksheets through Reactions 4 are very good practice for the exam. Most of the old Quiz #1 and old Exam #1's on the lecture page are also related to the material on the current semester Exam #1.


Thursday, September 8


Wednesday, September 7

  • CHEM 235:
    • Problem Set #2 is posted. It is due my 3pm next Monday, September 12.
    • Chapter 9 book problems on epoxides are now posted.
    • Quiz #1 Answer Key
  • CHEM 238:
    • I will update the course calendar and website by the end-of-the-day tomorrow (Thersday) with activities and preparation reading/work for the lab on Tuesday as well as class data for the E1/E2/GC experiment.


Thursday, September 1

  • CHEM 235: The answer key for PS #1 is posted
  • CHEM 238:
    • If you did not successfully collect product and perform a GC analysis in lab last week, please be prepared to repeat the experiment in lab next Tuesday in addition to the Sodium Borohydride reduction.
    • I have revised the class calendar for next week to reflect this change.
    • The report for the eliminations/GC experiment will now be due the following Tuesday (9/13) for the whole class.


Sunday, August 28

  • CHEM 235:

    • New notes powerpoint slides are posted on the course lecture page for Chapters 9 & 12 - selected review and some new topics. We will get to some of these tomorrow in lecture.

    • Reminder: As announced in lecture, Quiz #1 will be held on Friday, September 2.
      • It will take ~15 min and will start promptly at 10:10 am.
      • It will cover lecture topics (and the corresponding textbook work) through our discussion of Grignard and other organometallics tomorrow in lecture


Friday, August 26

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #1 - Question #1E correction: The workup step should be "Dilute aqueous HCl" or "H3O+". The product of the Grignard reaction would not be protonated by water alone.


Tuesday, August 23

  • CHEM 238 Students - Our first lab class is today!
    • Please see the Laboratory page (link in the bar to the left) for postings related to the course and for the link to the online laboratory manual for the course (on WebAccess)
    • Today in lab:
      • Welcome & Enrollment
      • Discuss: Course Syllabus & Requirements
      • Safety Presentation & Safety Contract
      • Lab Lecture: Eliminations/GC experiment
      • Lab Lecture: Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy
      • Lab Drawer Check-In
    • CHEM 238 Course Syllabus


Monday, August 22

  • Problem Set #1 is posted on the lecture page. It is due next Monday (8/29) by 3pm. You may turn in to me earlier in class or office hours, or you may slide it under my door by the time due.
  • The answer key to the review handout provided on the first day of class is also available on the lecture page. I will set aside some time on Wednesday to discuss questions you might have on the worksheet.


Thursday, August 18

  • Reminder: A copy of the 4th edition solutions guide is on reserve in the library.
  • Free access to Organic Chemistry, 4th ed. by Smith is available online
    for two weeks with the following link:


      • Instructions to Register
        • You will need to register with the system to access it. If you are already registered with Connect, just login. You can enroll for free for two weeks. We will NOT be using Connect for the course, so you should NOT buy access.
        • Note: You may not be able to use the same account that you used in a previous semester to get the two-weeks free access to the text. If not, create a new account.


Wednesday, August 17

  • Welcome to Organic Chemistry 2 for Science Majors - CHEM 235 / 238
  • CHEM 235: Our first lecture will be on Wednesday, August 17 at 10:10am in 8-304. We will briefly cover course requirements on the syllabus and begin our first lecture/discussion.
  • CHEM 238: Our first laboratory meeting will be on Tuesday, August 23 at 1:10 pm in 7-341. We will cover safety, have our first lab lecture, and check into lab drawers on this day.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first week of classes in lecture and in lab.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.