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Announcements & Important Course Information

Tuesday, August 23

  • CHEM 238 Students - Our first lab class is today!
    • Please see the Laboratory page (link in the bar to the left) for postings related to the course and for the link to the online laboratory manual for the course (on WebAccess)
    • Today in lab:
      • Welcome & Enrollment
      • Discuss: Course Syllabus & Requirements
      • Safety Presentation & Safety Contract
      • Lab Lecture: Eliminations/GC experiment
      • Lab Lecture: Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy
      • Lab Drawer Check-In
    • CHEM 238 Course Syllabus


Monday, August 22

  • Problem Set #1 is posted on the lecture page. It is due next Monday (8/29) by 3pm. You may turn in to me earlier in class or office hours, or you may slide it under my door by the time due.
  • The answer key to the review handout provided on the first day of class is also available on the lecture page. I will set aside some time on Wednesday to discuss questions you might have on the worksheet.


Thursday, August 18

  • Reminder: A copy of the 4th edition solutions guide is on reserve in the library.
  • Free access to Organic Chemistry, 4th ed. by Smith is available online
    for two weeks with the following link:


      • Instructions to Register
        • You will need to register with the system to access it. If you are already registered with Connect, just login. You can enroll for free for two weeks. We will NOT be using Connect for the course, so you should NOT buy access.
        • Note: You may not be able to use the same account that you used in a previous semester to get the two-weeks free access to the text. If not, create a new account.


Wednesday, August 17

  • Welcome to Organic Chemistry 2 for Science Majors - CHEM 235 / 238
  • CHEM 235: Our first lecture will be on Wednesday, August 17 at 10:10am in 8-304. We will briefly cover course requirements on the syllabus and begin our first lecture/discussion.
  • CHEM 238: Our first laboratory meeting will be on Tuesday, August 23 at 1:10 pm in 7-341. We will cover safety, have our first lab lecture, and check into lab drawers on this day.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first week of classes in lecture and in lab.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.