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     Chemistry 235-238 - Organic Chemistry 2

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CHEM 238 Laboratory Information

Laboratory Manual


Experiment Information, Notes, & Class Data

  • Experiment #1
  • Experiment #5 (Relative Reactivities):
    • Class Data
    • Important Note: Acetophenone is usually deactivating relative to toluene; however the class consistently observed that it was activating in our experiment. For question 7 & 8 of the revised Discussion & Conclusions questions, treat it as a deactivating meta- directing group, as would be expected.
    • The Lab Report should consist of your data, the class data with your generalizations, and answers to the Revised Discussion & Conclusions and Post-Lab Questions (handout provided in lab).

  • Experiment #6 (Friedel-Crafts Reaction)
    • Please prepare a standard prelab for this experiment, including the MOLE TABLE that you will use in the experiment.
    • Please prepare a standard laboratory report.
      • Note that the Discussion Questions in the lab handout direct you to do much the typical data analysis. Be sure include the mole table, complete IR analysis (including the out-of-plane bending mode analysis- see the table in the handout), melting point analysis, and a discussion of the experiment, including the reaction and a complete arrow-pushing mechanism for one of the alkylation steps.
      • In the mechanism, be sure to include the formation of the electrophile and all important resonance structures for the intermediate and the arrows to move from one to the next.
      • Please answer the Questions at the end of the handout as Post-Lab Questions.

  • Experiment #7 (Synthesis of p-nitroaniline) will be completed in lab next Tuesday (11/10). Please prepare a standard report for the experiment. It will be due Friday, November 20.

  • Experiment #8 (Wittig Reaction)
    • The experiment handout is now posted. Please note that this is a different order than was originally planned. We will perform this experiment on 11/17, when its prelab will be due.

  • Experiment #9 (Aldol Condensation)
    • Prepare a Standard Prelab.
    • Prepare an abbreviated report:
      • Mole Table Analysis (including percent yield)
      • Melting Point Analysis
      • IR Spectrum and Analysis
      • Post-Lab Questions: 2,4,5 only


Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • Infrared Spectroscopy Review Notes
    • Discussed in Lab Lecture


Previous Semester Lab Tests and Current Semester Lab Test & Quiz Answer Keys

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