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Digital Media is human-computer interaction involving text, graphics, voice and video.

Diana Bennett is an experienced instructor in the Digital Media Program
at College of San Mateo. She teaches basic to advanced elements of Digital Media as well
as continuing to work in the industry.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Diana via email or phone.


DGME 102 Media Law and Ethics
DGME 104 Multimedia Career Pathways - ONLINE Only Course

DGME 165 DGME 165 Digital Animation/Flash
DGME 166 DGME 166 Web Authoring/ActionScript
DGME 167 DGME 167 Web Design I/Adobe Fireworks
DGME 168 Web Design II/Dreamweaver
DGME 169 Web Design III/CSS
DGME 143 Motion Graphics

DVDSP DGME 252 Digital Practicum
DVDSP DGME 257 Portfolio

Course Descriptions 2012/2013

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               “Organizations are networks of conversations and in order to change an
               organization, you must change the conversation.” - Anonymous



               You are responsible for following the College of San Mateo computer use                guidelines (posted in classroom and computer lab). Please remember that when                you are using a computer at CSM you are using property of the college so do not                go to a Web site or type an email that you would not like your instructor or the                college to see!

               College of San Mateo defines academic dishonesty as the act of or assistance in                deceiving, including fraud or deception in any academic exercise. Academic                dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, certain  actions not authorized by the                instructor or testing officer, such as using notes or testing aids, allowing someone                else to assume one’s identity, falsifying records, plagiarism, changing answers on                a previously scored assignment or exam, copying, inventing information to                complete a lab experiment or case analysis, and talking or giving information by                any means during an exam.


               ADOBE STUDENT LICENSE PURCHASE PROGRAM. Open only to students of                participating California colleges and universities. Go to: US College Buys.
               Adobe® Creative Suite® 6: What’s in each edition? Review Edition Chart

               Be Responsible! Be Prepared! Bring your textbook and storage device                to every class! 5pts will be deducted from your class grade if not being a                responsible student.

               What is a prepared student?

               If you are a prepared student, you are ready to leave home or dorm in the                morning because you have

    • done all assigned homework;
    • checked that all pens, pencils, etc. are in good working order;
    • packed all materials and supplies needed for the day;
    • knowledgable of the institution’s code of conduct. (Don’t waste your time and energy resisting things that excite the bureaucratic, controlling mind. Your individuality is not lost or denied in outward conformity.);

    you are, when present in class,

    • resolved to focus on the prescribed subject of any given period;
    • equipped and well-organized to handle the given subject;
    • able to turn in assigned homework;
    • seated, alert, attentive, focused, and always on the same page as the teacher;
    • careful to observe proper decorum with relevance, respect, and responsibility at all times;
    • ready to follow directions;
    • careful to listen and learn before you speak and then to speak only with relevance to the subject;
    • resolved to complete any assignment successfully, without disturbing others;
    • ready to attempt new skills;
    • resolved to learn for life and not for grades;
    • resolved to regard the process of learning as an art to be perfected;
    • careful to produce quality, which will result in good grades;
    • careful to attend to personal needs between classes or lectures;

    you go home after you have

    • noted homework, assignments, and deadlines for submission;
    • packed all materials required to complete homework;
    • tidied your work areaand discarded trash;

    you use whatever time is necessary at home to

  • complete assigned work;
  • review previous and current work;
  • prepare for assisgnments or examinations.


               Copyright Permission required on all video, audio, graphics and images.
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