Shari Bookstaff, M.A.
Biology Professor
Skyline College
Building 7, 7217
(650) 738-4250

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Humpback whale, Hawaii, 2002
Photo©Snitovsky 2002


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I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I have been fascinated by marine life since childhood. Dolphins, whales, fish, starfish and sea horses all caught my attention. Lake Michigan, however, does not have a large population of dolphins and whales. My interest in marine life was supported through trips to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Cousteau Specials on TV. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology. After graduation, I moved to San Francisco and began working on my Master's degree at San Francisco State University. I earned my Master of Arts degree in Marine Biology where I did some research and teaching. I realized that I enjoyed teaching more than research and looked for teaching jobs. I began teaching at Skyline College in 1990. I recently served as naturalist on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Alaska. Watching humpback whales lunge for fish and killer whales chase dolphins were a couple of the nature highlights! I served asthe President of a local chapter of a whale and dolphin conservation organization, the American Cetacean Society. We offer lectures, education programs and student research grants. I have two wonderful children, love to take pictures and I am an avid sports fan. All of the photos that appear on my website are my own unless otherwise noted.

In July of 2006, the removal of a benign brain tumor left me with some challenges such as lack of coordination, impaired sensations, weakness, and distorted speech. Although these physical problems make life challenging, I am teaching again and I've written a book about my medical dramas!

My book, "When Life Throws You Lemons...Make Cranberry Juice!" offers my take on life's struggles, dealing with challenges, and the medical profession.

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