Review of Evolution/Taxonomy

For each of the following animals, indicate what type of body symmetry they posess.




Sea Star

Sea anemone



Which of the above animals is most closely related to the Sea Star?


Do they have similar body types?


Put the following classification scheme of the Bottlenosed Dolphin in the correct order:

Genus Truncatus

Family Delphinidae

Order Cetacea

Kingdom Animalia

Class Mammalia

Phylum Chordata

Species Truncatus

What is the scientific name of the Bottlenosed Dolphin? Write it in the correct format.

In what way is a reptile more advanced than an amphibian?

Explain Natural Selection using the giraffe as an example.

Compare the theory of Lamarck and Darwin.

Are each of the following examples of Convergent Evolution or Divergent Evolution?

Foot of Egret/Foot of Duck

Gliding ability of the flying Squirrel (Placental Mammal) and a flying phalanger (Marsupial Mammal)

Body shape of the dolphin and the tuna

Shell of a turtle and shell of a crab