Recommended Directions for
Completing & Submitting Assignments

  1. Complete the reading for each assignment before trying to do the assignment.
    • To do reading, it is recommended that you print out a copy of each section of reading and read the printouts rather than just read the text online. After reading the printout for each section, you should scan the text online and look for any links to other online documents or resources and be sure to follow those links as necessary to view the full information presented. When using an online database or other online resource, it is most effective to have a printout of the directions in front of you. You can also use multiple windows in your web browser and click between the database (or other online resource) and the directions page.
  2. From the LSCI 106 home page, click on the Assignments button; then, from the Assignments page, click on the specific assignment you plan to complete.
  3. When the page for the assignment you want to complete is displayed, highlight all of the text (Ctrl-A), copy it (Ctrl-C), open your e-mail program and paste (Ctrl-V) the text into a new message.
    [You can also save the page (select Save as from the File pull-down menu)]
  4. To complete the assignment,
    In the email message, fill in your answers after each question

    [If you saved the assignment page, you can open the assignment page file in Microsoft Word while you are following the assignment instructions online using your web browser. Use Word to fill in answers immediately following the questions on the file. When you have filled in answers for all the questions, save the assignment file.]

  5. To turn in an assignment, send an e-mail message to: with:
    • in the subject line, write: "LSCI 106 Assignment" and the assignment number. Be sure your name is set as the "From:" name.
    • either copy all complete answers into the e-mail message; OR
      attach the assignment file with your answers filled in.


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