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Orientation Assignment

Due: March 10

Part 1. E-mail your answers to the following questions to me (Eric Brenner) at this address:
Please make the subject of your email: LSCI 106 Orientation Assignment

If you don't have an e-mail account, register for a free account at one of the free web e-mail sites, such as Yahoo mail ( or Hotmail (

1. What is your name (please include your nickname or preferred name-if any), email address and phone number?

2. Why are you taking this course?

3. How did you find out about this course?

4. What do you expect to learn from this course?

5. What year in school are you in (i.e. freshman, sophmore, or any other academic experience) & what is your major?

6. Do you work in addition to taking classes? If so, what type of work do you do?

7. Do any other classes you are taking this semester require a research project? If so, which class(es)?

8. Briefly describe library research experience you've had, if any.

9. Briefly describe computer knowledge you have, if any:
(what software programs have you used)?

10. What kind of computer, if any, do you use at home?

11. Do you have an account with an Internet service provider (e.g., AOL, Earthlink, etc.)?
If so, which one?
What kind of Internet connection do you have: --dial-up modem? --cable? --DSL?



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