Assignment #4

Subject-Specific Databases, Newspaper Databases & Advanced Search Strategy

DUE: November 8


1. a) Write your current research question (either the same as you used for Assignment 3 or revised based on feedback from the instructor), and

2. Write out your previous search worksheet or revise it (based on the results of your previous searches and/or feedback):

Based on your search worksheet, carry out a multiple-concept search in at least one of the following databases that is appropriate for your research topic. Revise your search, if necessary. Either use a different database than you used for Assignment #3 or significantly revise the search strategy you used in Assignment #3:

3. Name which database you used:

4. Write the exact search words you entered in each search entry box:


4a. If you change the search field from the "key word" index, please also identify the field selected for each line.
(Note: The "field" or "index" is the part of each record in which your search terms will be searched. In InfoTrac and other popular periodical databases, the default is the "Key Word" index, which includes words in the title, citation, abstract & subjects of each article, but you may narrow your search by selecting the "subject" field or you may broaden your search by selecting the "text word" field, which searches the all of the words in every article.)

5. How many records were retrieved for your search?

6. Select two articles that would be useful for your research and copy the citation information (NOT the full text) for each article:

7. At the full record for each of the two articles you selected, highlight the full URL (this is a very long web address starting with http://) for this article, copy it (using the Copy command) and paste it to this assignment:


*E-mail: your completed assignment to:

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