Assignment #6


Due: November 22


1. Select the best web page (or web site) you found for Assignment 5 and write a brief evaluation of this page using the criteria and guidelines explained in your reading ("Evaluating Information from Web Pages" on the Evaluating Sources page.) In order to write the evaluation, briefly answer as many of the questions in reading as possible.
Write the title of the web page and the full URL (starting with: http://) at the top of your evaluation.

Write at least one paragraph about the author and at least one paragraph about the content. Your evaluation is your assessment of the usefulness and credibility of the site based on the ideas presented (content) and what you've learned about the author.

2. Find information to help you evaluate one article OR one book on your topic. This can be an article or book you found in one of the previous assignments or an additional article or book you have found that is on your research topic.

- For evaluating an article, you must at least find:
a) some information about the publication in which the article was published and
b) some information about the author.

- For evaluating a book, you must at least find:
a) one book review article that reviews the book, and
b) some information about the author.

Please provide the information requested below.

If you are evaluating an article, list the following information:

Article being evaluated:

If you are evaluating a book, list the following information:

Book being evaluated:



E-mail: your answers to:

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