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The Peninsula Library System (PLS), which is made up of all the public (city and county) libraries in San Mateo County in addition to the three community college libraries (Skyline, CSM and Canada), has an online catalog which lists all of the books, audio and video materials and other materials available in all of the libraries in the System. This catalog is available on the World Wide Web from a link on the Skyline Library homepage (on the left column) or by clicking here (a new window will open, but this page will still be accessible by clicking on the tab for this page at the bottom of your screen).

To search for books on a specific topic:

+  Type search words (keep your search words broad) in the first search box & click Submit.

+  The search results will show books and other materials in all libraries in the PLS system. *

+  To Limit your results to materials at Skyline College Library, scroll down to Limit to:  Location: pull-down menu below the search boxes, scroll down in the Location: pull-down menu, select Skyline College & then click the Submit button.

* Important Note:  If no records are found that match all of your search words, the catalog will display those records that match just some of your search words and the following message will be displayed at the top of your results: Tried: ((word1 and word2)) no records found... Tried: ((word1 or word2)) x results found. Sorted by Relevance.  (In this example word1 and word2 represent the search words that were entered and x represents the number of results found containing any of the search words.)  If no records are found that match all of your search words, you should revise your search with broader search words in order to find books more directly related to your complete search.  

Optional advanced features
: Before clicking Submit, you may also:

-  change the search type pull-down menu from Any Field to: Author, Title, Subject or Note

-  limit your results to a specific “material type” (such as books, CDs or DVDs) by scrolling down to Limit to:  Material type: pull-down menu below the search boxes, scroll down in the Material type: pull-down menu, select Books (or any other material type), & then click the Submit button.

add additional search words in additional search boxes

Ordering books from other libraries
: Books from other libraries may be ordered to be sent to Skyline (or any other library) by clicking on the Place Request link for any book. (A library card is required to make the request and $.75 is charged when picking up the book.)


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