To develop your final project into a web page, you should:

To create hyperlinks:

a. Type in the URL (web address) for the webpage or article. Be sure to always start a URL with: http:// and end with a space.

If you follow step a. correctly, Word should automatically make the address a hyperlink and this will be indicated by the URL becoming blue underlined letters. If this does not work for some reason, or if you want to make any other words that do not start with http:// into a hyperlink, follow steps b - d below.

b. Highlight the URL or other words that you want to make into a hyperlink.

c. Use the Insert pull-down menu and click on Hyperlink (Ctrl-K is a short cut)

d. In the box that says "Address", enter the URL (web address) for the webpage or article you want to link to. Be sure to always start a URL with: http://

NOTE: For database articles that have very long URLs (e.g. an InfoTrac article address such as: <!ar_fmt?sw_aep=plan_skyline> ),
you may shorten the URL that is printed in the webliography (e.g., <> ), but you must include the complete URL in the hyperlink address box.


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