Skyline College Library Oral History Project


In consideration of the recording and preservation of my oral history narrative by the Skyline College Library Oral History Project, I the interviewee,

hereby grant to the Coordinator of the Skyline College Library Oral History Project the rights to publish, duplicate, or otherwise use for non-profit purposes the recorded interview(s) recorded by the interviewer,

__________________________________________________________, on the date of


__________________________, ______. This includes the rights of publication in electronic form, such as placement on the internet for access by that medium. 


Likewise, I the above-mentioned Coordinator hereby agree to preserve the products of this oral history interview according to accepted professional standards of responsible custody and agree to provide the interviewee and interviewer (the oral authors) with access to the digitized interview(s).



Dated: _________________  


Signature of Interviewee: _______________________________________________


Interviewee's name as he/she wishes it to be used: ______________________


Interviewee's address:______________________________________________________________

                                                 (street or p.o. box)        


(city)                                                                            (state)             (zip code)


Narrator's phone number: (______) ______- _______________

Dated: _________________

Signature of Coordinator: _______________________________________________

                                                Eric Brenner


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