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 Kwong Shu Leung & Soo Jee Leung

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2004 interview by David Leung with his parents,
Kwong Shu Leung & Soo Jee Leung, who immigrated to San Francisco from China in the late 1980's.

Kwong Shu Leung, with his father & brother at Tianamen, China in 1986, before leaving for America

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Note: David's English translations follow brief excerpts of his parents' responses.
Family Background (1.6 MB) What was the basic history of my father's family, his ancestors and family history in China, their professions and how those things impacted my father?
Childhood (1.7 MB)
Admiring Mao (1.8 MB)
Religion (1.3 MB)
Food shortages in China (354 KB)
China today (1.29 MB)
Life in communist China (1.2 MB) What would have persuaded my parents to have stayed in China instead of leaving in the 1980s? (Basically, if the country gave them a choice to choose their lives, fairness, and a choice to live in a world where the country did not pit them against their family friends.)
Laws in communist China (353 KB)
Leaving China (945 KB)
Greater possibilities for the family in the U.S. (324 KB)
Many more job choices in the U.S. than in China (667 KB)
Technological advances in the U.S. (596 KB) What were the technological advances that have impacted my parents lives and even saved their lives?

Soo Jee Leung in Hong Kong in 1987, before leaving for America

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