Course Outline

A. Introduction to oral research

Video: A Game of Solitaire

- Required: Hoopes, Oral History: An Introduction for Students : Part 1

An Oral History Primer (Sherna Berger Gluck, CSU, Long Beach)

Introduction to Oral History (Baylor University Institute for Oral History)

B. Types of oral research

1. Families; 2. Communities; 3. Organizations/companies; 4. Occupations/industries/professions; 5. Ethnic groups; 6. Historical periods or events; 7. Social changes; 8. Cultural/artistic trends; 9. Technological/scientific developments

C. Interview Preparation & Interviewing Techniques

- Required:
Hoopes, Oral History: An Introduction for Students : Part 3
Interviewing tips
- Optional:
PEP Filipino-American Oral History Project Sample Events and Questions

1. Setting goals: developing research questions
2. Choosing a subject/interviewee
3. Bibliographic research
4. Pre-interview planning
5. Creating an outline
6. Preparing for interview questions
7. Listening skills

*Required assignment:

Topic Outline (Click here to see an example of a topic outline) Also include the name and brief description of interviewee and scheduled date of interview

Additional information on Interview Preparation & Techniques (optional):

         Interviewing Tips (Baylor University Institute for Oral History)

         Do's & Don'ts of Oral History Interviewing (Baylor University Institute for Oral History)

         Tips for Interviewers (Regional Oral History Office, U.C. Berkeley)

         One-Minute Guide to Oral History (Regional Oral History Office, U.C. Berkeley)

D. Ethics of oral research

1. Legal release: *Oral History Release Form (required)
2. Responsibilities of interviewer
See: Oral History Evaluation Guidelines: Principles and Standards

E. Audio or Video Editing

Convert audio files to MP3 (if necessary): Switch Audio File Converter

How to convert iPhone voice memo files to MP3 using iTunes (video tutorial)
How to change the settings in iTunes so you can convert the .m4a files to .mp3

Audio Editing Software: Audacity
LAME (required to export MP3 files with Audacity)

Instructions for how to use Audacity to create audio files for the segments you select

*Required assignment:
---> Audio log
(general topic outline of audio with rough times, see Audio Log Example)

Video editing help:

         Windows Movie Maker video tutorial

         iMovie (Mac) video tutorial


F. Presentation of oral research - putting it all together in a webpage

1. Introducing interview subject(s)/question(s)
2. Placing interviews in context (bibliographic research)
3. Integrating photos and/or other support materials

*Directions for developing your webpage (required)

Webpage template






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