Digital Oral History Project

Class meeting: Monday, March 4, 10:10 – 11:25am or Tuesday, March 5, 11:10am – 12:25pm:
Introduction to Oral Research

Video: A Game of Solitaire

Oral History: An Introduction for Students - pp. 3 - 29

Contact narrator/interviewee and set up interview date as soon as possible, but no later than: March 22

Class meeting: Monday, March 18, 10:10 – 11:25am or Tuesday, March 19, 11:10am – 12:25pm
Interviewing Tips & Practice

-     Text:
Interviewing tips
PEP Filipino-American Oral History Project Sample Events and Questions

Complete interview preparation by: March 22

---> Topic Outline (Click here to see
an example of a topic outline) Also include the name and brief description of interviewee and scheduled date of interview - Due: March 22 (email to

Complete interview no later than April 12
* have narrator sign
release form before the interview
* take digital photos of narrator after the interview
* ask narrator if they have any old photos from the times and/or topics they talked about that you can borrow to scan/copy for your webpage

---> upload at least 5 minutes of the interview to YouTube and submit the YouTube URL by April 12.

Class meeting: Monday, April 15, 10:10 – 11:25am or Tuesday April 16, 11:10am – 12:25pm:
Digital video editing


iMovie (recommended) or Windows Movie Maker

Video editing help:

For iMovie app on iPad:
iMovie Help


·       iMovie Video Tutorial for iPad and How Tos

·       iMovie (Mac) video tutorial

·       Windows Movie Maker video tutorial


---> Audio time log (general topic outline of audio with rough times, see
example of a part of a log below): - Due: April 22 or 23

Example of part of an audio time log:

0:00  -  :17                When did you come to U.S.?  - Edit out beginning

0:17  -  :57                Why did you leave P.I.? – Good as is

0:57  -  2:18             What sacrifices did you make? - Good as is

2:18  -  3:11             First impressions – Good, but maybe edit some repetitive parts

3:11  -  3:28             Where did you first live? – Cut out

3:28  -  4:20             What was most difficult adjustment? – Very good*, one part could be cut

4:20  -  5:21             What family members did you leave behind? – maybe cut or shorten


Editing - April 15 - April 28                 Edited files completed and uploaded to YouTube - Due: April 29 or 30

Upload all of your segments to the
YouTube skylinecollegeoralhistory channel

How to upload to skylinecollegeoralhistory YouTube channel:

Before uploading, save or re-name files with student’s last name and first initial at the beginning of the file name, then dash, then segment title,
e.g. SantosA-Segment1.mp4 or PerezR-ComingToUS.mp4

To upload videos:
On a computer web browser:

Go to
Click on the Upload button at the top of the page (to the right of the search box)
When asked to sign in,
For Email, enter: skylinecollegeoralhistory
For Password, enter: l***erpelo  (use actual letters of name instead of *)
Click: Sign in
Click on: Select Files to Upload
Select files to upload or
drag and drop video files

Be sure to set the privacy setting to: Public.

On an iPad: Upload directly from iMovie. Click here for directions.

After all of your videos are uploaded, create a Playlist of all your videos.

To create a Playlist:
On computer web browser:

Click on the icon to the right of “OralHistoryArchives” at the upper right of the page
Click on: Video Manager
Click on check boxes to the left of each of you video files
After all of your videos have been checked, click on the Playlists pull-down menu at the top of the video list and select: Add to New Playlist
In the Enter playlist name box, enter the name of the person you interviewed
Click: “Create Playlist”

On an iPad or other mobile device:

View each of your videos that you want to add to a new playlist
Tap the Share button (curved right arrow) below the video window
Tap “Add to Playlist”
Select “Create New Playlist…”
Name it: the name of the person you interviewed, e.g. Frank Santos
Select: Public


Class meeting: Monday, April 29, 10:10 – 11:25am or Tuesday, April 30, 11:10am – 12:25pm:
Putting Your Blog Page Together

---> Blog Page
- Due: Monday, May 14