Now, we don’t mean to brag, but our field gear is wicked. Students enrolled in BCST 320, Digital TV Field Production, shoot on Panasonic digital DVC60 cameras. This ain’t your father’s little camcorder. Field students do not use consumer camcorders that you find in appliance stores. Rather, the DVC60 is a three-chip shoulder-mountable MiniDV camera with professional features including balanced XLR audio inputs, manual iris and focus. There are also plans in the works to acquire High Definition cameras for advanced project work.

Besides great cameras, our field production packages include well-stocked Lowell lighting kits, professional fluid head Vinten tripods, Audio-Technica lavalier and hand-held mics, headphones, shotgun boom mics and audio mixers. In addition, CSM Broadcasting students have access to a wide range of production equipment and professional facilities due to the program’s strong relationship with KCSM-TV.

Field students are responsible for the safe and proper use of equipment for which they will be held financially liable in the event of negligence.

KCSM’s studios are used by students in several broadcasting courses, such as BCST 210 TV Studio Techniques, BCST 410 Advanced TV Studio, BCST 316 Producing for Media, and BCST 310 Lighting for Studio.

Studios and control rooms contain professional broadcast equipment, including three cameras, complete lighting grid, dimmer, teleprompter, microphones, audio board, digital video switcher, CG and everything else you need to create high quality productions.

All equipment is meticulously maintained by KCSM’s talented engineering staff, who also share their time and talent with the broadcast students.

A second studio, Studio B, is currently being built at KCSM that will be dedicated to broadcast instruction. It will be finished in 2007. Current students work in KCSM’s main studio, Studio A.









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