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BCST 210 - TV Studio Techniques. All class projects are live-to-tape studio productions with minor editing. Students fill all crew positions and perform all technical operations for these projects. Students gain experience by producing a variety of programs as well as serving in different crew positions, like camera operator, audio director, director, technical director, floor director, lighting director, on-camera talent and more. It’s a lot of work and a little stressful, but it’s also the most fun you can have while training for a career!

Here are some BCST 210 TV Studio projects:

Zombie Studio

BCST 316 - Producing for Media. In this course students learn what it means to be a producer who is responsible for the conceptualizing, proposing, scripting, scheduling, booking a crew, shooting, and editing a video segment. This is a demanding class that builds production skills for field and studio work. In Spring 2007 the BCST 316 class worked hard to design a high-end, creative 30-minute magazine style program called Bay Vision. The students focused on creating programming for a diverse, educated and socially-aware bay area PBS audience. They did a great job, had a lot of fun, and ended the semester with some nice demo reel material for both field and studio work.

We were always snapping pictures of productions, so Michelle made this slide show for everybody. It also includes some shots of BCST 210 students, but it's mostly Bay Vision.

BCST 320 - Digital Field Production. Field students produce projects in small crews for real world clients. For example in the 2006-2007 school year, video crews worked with the Redwood City Fire department to create modules for a training video. They also produced, wrote, shot & edited several high quality :30 TV spots for various academic programs at College of San Mateo. In Spring 2007 Tom Widener and Joe Antony wrote, shot, and edited an excellent recruitment video for the CSM Bulldog football team.

Pssst...the broadcast promo below was recognized as outstanding by the California Community Colleges Satellite Network in 2007 (Kudos to Rachel Perey, Tomomi Komura, Alex Andal, and Leo Medrano).

Some CSM students have uploaded their class assignments to YouTube. Search College of San Mateo on YouTube for more samples of student work.

Michelle’s Introduction to Community Service Learning

BECA 647 - Advanced Video Production. Before coming to CSM, Michelle taught TV and video production courses in San Francisco State University’s Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts program (aka BECA). Her favorite course to teach at SFSU was Advanced Video Production (BECA 647, created by Hamid Khani, PhD and Kathy O’Donnell, PhD) because it forged a collaborative cross-disciplinary environment in which students produced high quality ad campaigns for non-profit organizations. Specifically, Michelle’s BECA 647 students produced campaigns for TheatreWorks of Palo Alto, City Car Share of San Francisco, and Project Homeless Connect for San Francisco City Hall, where Mayor Newsom spoke at the campaign’s premiere!

Michelle credits BECA 647 for infusing her with a passion for community service learning (thanks Hamid & Kathy!). She encourages students to use their video skills to serve their local communities.

Here are a few spots that her SFSU students wrote, shot, directed, edited, and produced under her supervision:










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