Skyline College Automotive Department

Thomas G. Broxholm

Professor of Automotive Technology


The following demonstrations are Flash animations that I use while teaching automotive classes.

You will need the latest Flash player plugin or Windows Media Player 9 to view these.

Axial Runout

Radial Runout

Clutch Pedal Operation

Converter Vortex Flow

Pilot Bearin Operation

Servo Operation

Pressure Regulator Operation

Roller Clutch Operation Movie

Sprag Clutch Operation Movie

Filters & Fluid
AT-Fluids, Filters & Cooling

Helicoil a hole video
HeliCoil Thread Repair
Drilling a hole video
Drilling a Hole
Taping a Hole Video
Taping a Hole
Time Sert Video
Time Sert Thread Repai

Band Adjustment Video

Band Adjustment

Measuring Clutch pack Clearance Video

Measuring Clutch Pack Clearance

Lip Seal Replacement video

Lip Seal Replacement

1-MTX Treaded Shifter

2-MTX Shifter Type 2

3-MTX End Cover Removal

4-MTX 5th Drive Gear Removal

5-MTX 5th Driven Gear Removal

6-MTX Housing Removal

7-MTX Shaft Removal

8-MTX Thrust Measurement

9-MTX Shaft Disassemble

10-MTX Synchronizer Inspection

Flow Meter

Lines of Force 1

Lines of Force 2

Lines of Force 3

Relay Operation

Solenoid Operation

Pulse Control

Pulse Solenoid

Blocker Ring Clearance Inspection

Blocker Ring Wear Inspection

Blocker Ring Drop Test

Output Shaft Runout Measuring

Output Shaft Assemble

Bearings, Bushings & Thrust Controls

Keyless Synchronizer Assemble

Coil Spring Synchronizer Assemble

Outlook Calendar Color Appointments

Sonnax Sonna Flow Tester