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Biology 101

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A new laboratory assignment will be given each week. Each experiment is designed to take 2.5 hours. Data (shown below) indicate that student success improves with time spent in lab completing lab. work. Roll will be taken in lab. A student will be dropped for missing two laboratory assignments.

Go to the laboratory at a time you select and check in.
Check the lab. schedule for “this week’s” assignment and read the appropriate study guide in this manual.

Listen to the CD ROM for instructions and explanations. Take notes on the module. You may choose to work on the experiment while listening to the module.

Complete the entire experiment. Answer all of the questions in the study guide. Make sure you have met all of the objectives. Obtain help from the instructor or assistant when you need it.

When you are confident you have mastered the objectives, turn in the completed study guide and take the post–test. The test will take approximately 15 minutes.

You must score 9 points or better on the post–test. If you score less than 9 points, study and take a second post–test. In order to be eligible to repeat a post–test you must score at least 5 points on your first attempt. You may attempt the post–test three times. If you do not score 9 or better, you will receive 0 points for that post–test.

Click here for the post-tests.

The materials necessary for each experiment will be available for one week. You must complete the experiment and post–test within this time.