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Biology 101

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Self-Guiding Field Trip

You must complete one of the self-guiding field trips from your lab manual.

  1. You must answer all of the questions for your topic.
  2. You must cite at least 3 references with current publication dates (no older than 1985).
  3. At least two references must be articles from scientific or technical journals
    (Scientific American, Science News, National Geographic, and Discover are
    acceptable). You can search for scientific articles through the Skyline Library.
  4. Be sure to evaluate whether your internet references are from academic sources. Do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, or wikis as references.
  5. All citations must be in the proper format. See the Style Sheet.

Choose one of the self-guiding field trips and remember to answer all of the questions.

International Union for Conservation of Nature
Red List of Threatened Species