River food chain

Biology 215

Number of rivers with Aedes mosquitoes and V. cholerae.

Christine Case  

  What disease is caused by V. cholerae?

Mosquitoes lay up to 250 eggs at a time in still water, which will hatch in 7 to 10 days. If standing water is eliminated weekly, many mosquitoes will be kept from breeding in the first place, eliminating the need to use pesticides against adult mosquitoes. This also reduces the number of mosquitoes around the house.

• Check for items that might hold water including wheelbarrows, tires, hubcaps, toys, garden equipment, pool covers, tarps, plastic sheeting, pipes, drains, boats, canoes, recycling bins and trash.
• Remove standing water in ponds, ditches, clogged rain gutters, flower pots, plant saucers, puddles, buckets, jars and cans.
• Completely change water in birdbaths and wading pools weekly.
• Drill drainage holes in tire swings.
• Stock ornamental ponds and fountains with fish that eat mosquito larvae.