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Biology 240
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Identification of an Unknown from a Clinical Sample


Due Date_______

Late papers will not be accepted.

·Your paper must be typed.
·Attach this page to your paper.
Download this page (pdf).

·Record the number of your unknown immediately______
·Write down the clinical information on the lab requisition:

1 Title: "Identification of Unknown #_____"
 2 Purpose
10 Procedures. A flow chart or table.
5 Results. A table.
 5 Antibiotic sensitivity tests on the pathogen only.
10 Discussion. How you eliminated species. Why you chose specific tests. How you arrived at your identifications. It’s not enough to say “I followed the key.” Explain the rationale for choices in the key.How did you determine which organism (the pathogen) is causing the patient’s symptoms?
10 Identification of the "pathogen" to species; the genus of the "contaminant."
 8 Literature cited, in the proper format (!, 2). You must use peer-reviewed articles. Encylopedias, wikis, and unreviewed websites are not acceptable.
 4 General form and content.
55 Points possible

1. Johnson, T. and C. Case. Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology, 11th ed. San Francisco: Pearson, 2016.

2. Tortora., G., B. Funke, & C. Case. Microbiology: An Introduction, 12th ed. San Francisco: Pearson, 2016.