Tufted Puffin. Pribilof Islands, Alaska
Christine L. Case, Ed.D.
Biology Professor
Skyline College

"It is generally accepted that the biologic sciences are absolutely splendid. I don't know of any other human occupation, even include what I have seen of art, in which the people engaged in it are so caught up."
-Lewis Thomas

SF Bay herons & egrets. Photos©CLCas

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  BIOL 101-Our Biological World
Includes interactive study quizzes.

  BIOL 215-Organismal Biology
Includes interactive study quizzes and illustrated lab help.

  BIOL 230-Introduction to Cell Biology
Includes interactive study quizzes and illustrated lab help.

  BIOL 240-General Microbiology
Includes a visual lab study guide & actual clinical problems.

  BIOL 695-Independent Study
Includes lab notebook guidelines and student projects.



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