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Welcome! I teach courses in philosophy, critical thinking, and logic. All of the courses listed below are introductory and do not have to be taken in any particular sequence.  However, I would urge all students to take at least one course in critical thinking and logic (PHIL 103, PHIL 200, or both).  All courses are UC/CSU transferable.  You can download a syllabus with the links below.  My office is room 2-317 (see a current syllabus for office hours).  If you plan to transfer as a philosophy major, I would be happy to provide mentoring.

Please visit the
Philosophy Department page to view the catalog listing of courses. Feel free to ask me about other programs and projects that I’ve been involved with: Honors Transfer Program, the Study Abroad Program, SLOAC, and the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). 

Carlos and Cyndi 1-1-2014



                                      PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy

                                      PHIL 103: Critical Thinking

                                      PHIL 103: ONLINE/HYBRID

                                      PHIL 160: History of Ancient Philosophy

                                      PHIL 175: History of Modern Philosophy

                                      PHIL 200: Introduction to Logic

                                      PHIL 240: Introduction to Ethics

                                      PHIL 280: Introduction to Political Philosophy

                                      PHIL 300: World Religions

                                      PHIL 312: Philosophy of Religion

                                      PHIL 320: Asian Philosophy




       Recommended for study and reference:

       Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

      Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy



       Essays on miracles and the doctrine of the Resurrection
       by Robert Greg Cavin and Carlos A. Colombetti

       “there are better criticisms available than what you will
       find from the writings of, say, Bertrand Russell,
       Antony Flew, Michael Martin, G. A. Wells, Richard Dawkins,
       and so forth.  Arguably, the best critics of Resurrection
       apologetics are Robert Greg Cavin and Carlos Colombetti …
       Hopefully, Christians will eventually get around to
       interacting with the work of [Cavin and Colombetti].”
Jeffrey Jay Lowder, President Emeritus of
                   Internet Infidels (which he co-founded in 1995)


(The PDF files below are penultimate drafts for review –
                   not the official print version)


                   Evidence, Miracles, and the Existence of Jesus:
                        Comments on Stephen Law”
                        Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 31 No. 2, 2014               

                        PDF    Philosophy Documentation Center


                        “Evidence, Miracles, and the Laws of Nature: 
                        A Critique of Richard Otte”

                        (under editorial review)


                        “Swinburne on the Resurrection: 
                        Negative versus Christian Ramified Natural Theology”
                        Philosophia Christi, Vol. 15 No. 2, 2013      


                             Swinburne’s response is in the same 2013 edition.
                             Our reply is below [forthcoming Dec. 2014]


                 “Negative Natural Theology and the Sinlessness, Incarnation,
                        and Resurrection of Jesus:  A Reply to Swinburne”
                        Philosophia Christi (forthcoming Dec. 2014)


                        “The Explanatory Paucity of the Resurrection Theory”
                        (under editorial review)


                        “The Resurrection as Best Explanation:  A Critique
                        of William Lane Craig and Michael Licona”
                        (under editorial review)


                        “The Low Posterior Probability of the Resurrection Theory”
                        (under editorial review)









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