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Signs of a Good Insurance Company Website

As familiar as the college demographic is with the Internet and browsing through websites, that doesn’t mean they are any less prone to falling for scams or fake opportunities. When it comes to shopping around for ca auto insurance in particular, it helps for students to know what signs to be on the lookout for that point towards a company worth trusting.

No Upfront Fees

No legitimate auto insurance company charges people to use their site in order to shop around. Any mention of fees is a huge red flag that shows the company could be a scam. Shopping for insurance on the Internet is free so it doesn’t make sense for anybody to pay a middleman to get results for them.

Offer Free Quotes & Comparisons

There is always the option of visiting each insurance company’s website directly but for a more convenient and timely process it is a good idea to check out insurance sites that provide free quotes and side-by-side comparisons from other companies. A prime example of this is, which is a company that offers information and quotes from several insurance providers.

This particular feature is a good sign that a company is willing to go above and beyond to provide good customer service to potential clients. By having an expert do the work for you, this makes the end results much more reliable, not to mention far less time consuming.

Several Methods of Contact

It is very important that students understand the importance of checking out what methods of contact an insurance company has on its website. A toll free number is common but if the contact page contains other alternatives, such as a direct telephone number, email address or an online chat feature, this is a good sign of a trustworthy company.

Fly-by-night operations usually only have an electronic form for people to fill out or a toll free number that doesn’t get customers in touch with a real person. Scammers usually do their best to make sure they cannot be traced, located or contacted and this will show on their website.

Physical Location/Address

Even companies that are 100% online have a physical building where they operate out of. While browsing through an insurance company’s website, students should double check if a physical address is listed on the contact page or elsewhere on the site.
It might not ever be necessary to visit the actual company location but having access to this information is yet another sign of a company that can be trusted. Should an issue ever arise, the physical location is just another way for customers to get in touch with someone directly.


It doesn’t hurt for a company website to have testimonials from previous customers on its website (of course only the most positive reviews will be highlighted). However, unbiased reviews can be found elsewhere, such as consumer websites and forums, where students can access all types of reviews and ratings free of charge.