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David G. Danielson


John Stewart and Rachel Maddow

The Persuaders

Colbert and Luntz Part 1
Colbert Focus Group Part 2

The Net @ Risk

Is God Green?

Buying the War

Phil Zimbardo Interview

Bill Moyer’s Interview

News War

Tank Man

Intelligent Design Trial

Consuming Kids (This is part 1 of 5)

Merchants of Cool

The Hidden History of the Credit Card

The Warning

The Myth of the Liberal Media

The Corporation

Advertising and the End of the World (It's a low resolution version.)

Product Placement Video

Marketers' Tactics Article

Animal Videos

The Meatrix

Dolphin Massacre

Cattle Treatment

Peta Videos

Chicken Video

2nd Chicken Video

Animal Slaughter

Michael Pollan on Democracy Now


Other Links

Guns Germs and Steel Part 1

Guns Germs and Steel Part 2

Guns Germs and Steel Part 3

Jacques Ellul: The Betrayal of Technology Part 1

The Power of Exponentials

Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

A film called Home

Bill Joy at TED


The Story of Stuff

Nuclear Bomb #s

Poisoned Water

The State of the Oceans

Interview on Water


TED Conference

Excellent Case of Satire

Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics and Dangerous Ideas

The Story of Bottled Water



Climategate Debunked

7 Billion People

Iarpa Story

Neuromarketing (Article 11/17/10)

Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change

What Makes the Mainstream Media Mainstream

Obama's Big Sellout

The Word Lab

The Language of Financial Reform

Chemicals in the Body

Article on levels of bisphenol A

Food Packaging Bisphenol A and Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthala

Trash in the Ocean

New Dream Reseach

Attention Deficit Rewires the Brain

Christmas Gift Exchange Voucher

Hackers and Free Speech NYT 12/9/10

Artificial Intelligence / Jeopardy

Safety on the Cheap Robert Reich



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