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College Resources

English 853 Computer Writing Center

Counseling Center

Career Center

Learning Center


Study Aids

Dictionaries on the Web

Grammar and Style Notes

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Library Catalogs on the Web

OWL at Purdue (good for documentation questions. Search MLA Documentation.

Reading Tips (Five steps to improve your reading and study skills

Ten Steps to Writing an Essay - Thesis Sentence - American University in Cairo (in Egypt)

Writers Resource Center


General Research

American Immigration Council (Good site for immigrant legislation. Click "links" for a lot of legal resources.

Berkeley Electronic Press Select Works (data base of free academic articles. Click the "Networks" tab for the search box.

Bill Moyers Journal (material on class, including video )

Brookings Institute

California Legislative Information

California State Senate

California State Assembly

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Cato Institute (Conservative Thinktank)

Civil Rights Project at UCLA

Congressional Research Service Reports

Council for a Livable World (anti-nuclear proliferation)

Democratic National Committee Official Website

Department of Homeland Security

Fact (Cut through the goop. Get to the truth.)

Find Law (resource for many legal matters including family law, DUI's etc.)

Harvard Law School website with articles and podcasts (access varies)

Heritage Foundation (conservative)

Inflation Calculator: Bureau of Labor Statistics (media links to stories of ongoing injustice)

Institutute for National Strategic Studies

Institute for Policy Studies

Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Justice by Michael J. Sandel. Debates on moral philosophy through video and extra readings.

Legal Information Institute - Cornell University

Library of Congress

The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (good links for immigration law and list of advocacy groups for those dealing with immigration issues)

National Public Radio

Newspapers Online U.S. and International

Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (Environmental Issues)

Patriot Act (Official summary. Index page is kind of boring, so use the links supplied for info.)

Pew Research Center for People & the Press

Project Censored (Publishes the 25 most censored stories in a given year. Read about terrible government and corporate scandals that will come to pass! )

Republican National Committee Official Website

Slate (online magazine) special issue on Procrastination.

Smithsonian Institution

State Department Official Website

Source Document for military (a page of links)

Supreme Court Decisions (use search feature to find cases)

Too Much: A commentary on excess and inequality (article database)

Universal Code of Military Justice

US. Army official website

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (immigration law)

Volunteer Center (volunteer for Bay Area non-profits)

Wall Street Journal Interaction


Global and Ethnic Issues

Al Jeezera

African Newspapers


BBC News

Black Press USA (links to African American news in the US)


Brookings Institute

Council on Foreign Relations

Crimes of War

Foreign Policy Association

Foreign Policy Journal (journal of global affairs)

Geneva Convention (reference guide)

Ha'aretz Daily (Israeli newspaper)

Human Rights Watch

International Newspapers

Latin American Newsletters

Latino Studies Resources

The Miniature Earth (three minute video) - on world populations and relative wealth.

National Public Radio ("The World" Section)

The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)

Philippine News Central (Links to Filipino Newspapers)

Russian Newspapers

Russian Websites

Story of Pakistan

TED Case Studies Online Journal on Globalization and Trade

Times of India

UN Charter

United Nations Official Site

UN Treaty and Document Data base

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Urban Mosaik (multi-cultural online journal)

Watching (What does the rest of the world think of us?)


Literature and the Arts


Academy of American Poets

Brown Paper Tickets (good venue for getting tickets -- many cheap -- to contemporary, multi-ethnic theatre).

Goldstar which will enable you to get half price tickets to several theatre venues in the Bay Area. It costs nothing to join. The only thing is that these tickets go fast.

Latino (Latino writers resource)

PoetrySpeaks - a website where you can share your own poetry and slam performances.


This page contains a list of useful websites for your use. My intention is to add to the list as I discover new sources that might be useful to you in your reading and research. If you find a website that you feel would be helpful to your fellow students, please e-mail me. If you are having problem with any of the webpages, please inform. Some websites have a subscription service, though I have tried to eliminate those from the list. My intention is not to have you pay for information. If you find a site completely inaccessable to non-payees, again, please inform.

My criteria: Websites must be sponsored by a college, reputable institution, or an expert in the field. Rule of thumb: No personal websites, no websites constructed as a classroom project, no general websites with no name of author or organization, no websites which promote hate. Serious suggestions please!


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