Nina L. Floro - Professor of English


On Parker Ridge, above Saskatchewan Glacier, Canadian Rockies.

Office: Bldg. 1, Rm. 1-311F

Phone: 650-738-4414

E-mail: floro@smccd.edu

Fall 2018 Office Hour Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday -- 10:30am-11:30am (by appointment)

  • Tuesday/Thursday -- 8:45am-9:30am (by appointment)

    Additional office hour times are available only by arrangement. Students who make appointments in advance will receive priority.

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Fall 2018 Semester



Fall 2018

ENGL 110BB - Composition & Literature

ENGL 110CB - Composition & Literature

LSKL 110AA - Effective Tutoring & Practicum

LSKL 110AB - Effective Tutoring & Practicum

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My interest in teaching English began when I landed a part time English tutoring job at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California. At the time, I was an undeclared business major, but my love for literature blossomed soon after I experienced my first college-level literature courses. In these classes, I was transported to worlds I had never known and discovered that I not only enjoyed reading, interpreting, and discussing literature, but that I was also actually good at writing about it.

tarquishipbuildersNot long after this "epiphany" of sorts, I declared myself an English/literature major and transferred to U. C. Berkeley, eventuallyearning a B.A. in English, an M.A.T. in Education/English, and a high school English teaching credential. I began teaching full-time at Skyline College in the Spring of 1991 after serving as an adjunct instructor at several other Bay Area community colleges (San Jose City, Ohlone, and Diablo Valley).

I teach a range of courses from developmental writing and transfer-level composition to literature and tutor training. In my classes, I rely heavily on discussions and collaboration to foster critical thinking and to help students discover and develop their own "voices" and ideas.

Left: Shipyard at Tarqui Beach (Manta, Ecuador)

Some of my favorite writers include Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda, Milan Kundera,William Shakespeare, Li-Young Lee,and Toni Morrison. Some of my ongoing professional interests include reading Asian American literature and researching special issues concerning Asian American culture. As far as literary themes and issues go, I don't like to box myself in, but I find myself often honing in on socio-cultural as well as gender-related themes.

Outside of teaching, you'll often find me spending time in the East Bay with my family (along with my dog, Stella), watching movies and going to the theatre (dramatic and musical), rooting for my favorite East Bay teams, the Oakland A's, Raiders, and Cal Bears, or working on house projects. Other interests include traveling to almost anywhere, hanging out in the tropical sun, listening to music (traditional jazz, classic rock, Latin jazz, R & B/soul,oldies, classical), reading, going for rides in my old Miata, day dreaming, and eating different types of foods at different types of places. I'm also involved in social justice and activism, faculty advocacy, and coordinating professional developmen programs for Skyline College faculty and stafft. Next time you see me, be sure to ask me what I did over the break, how the Oakland A's are doing, and/or whattype of food I last ate!

basilica steeple view


Left: Basilica del Voto Nacional Steeple and
View of Old Town (Quito, Ecuador

Below: With Toucan Bob (La Paz, Costa Rica) Nina & Toucan Bob