Genetics questions

Structure of the genome


Why are there mutations in the gene form parents.


Why are we similar to our parents?


If a person has a series of disorders will the child of this person have these disorder.


Why do eyes change color after newborn?


Do the females receive most of their mother's characteristics, and male their fathers?  Why?


Parents with black hair have a child with blond hair/


Preventing a genetic disease


Is double-jointed ness genetic?


Are you more likely to get personality and looks form one parent


Can habit and environment change what people inherit


How do genes program behavior


Can you diet and environment change your genetic traits?


Are emotions inherited i.e. depression?


In the same race why do some people com out darker than others, different complications?


What happens when people don't get all of their chromosomes.


Function of genome


Why is one trait dominate over another (mother verses father)


How does pigment affect eyes, hair and skin?


What are albino


One blue eye and one brown eye?


Why do multiracial children look special instead of like one parent or the other


Why do some children look like the grandparents instead of the parents?


Females with some male body parts.