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Nickolas V. Kapp PhD


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Biology Department

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Office: Building 7 Room 7224

Office hours: M,W,F 9 to 11am.

Phone & V-mail: (650) 738-4415

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Nick is the one with sunglasses, with my family and cousins

Courses: The following are courses that I am/have taught and may teach again. I have included some links that you may find helpful.


Course #

Course Description

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Fall 99

Bio 110

Introductory Biology

Not available

Spring 02

Bio 130

Human Biology

Link spring 01

Fall 00

Bio 215

Organismal Biology

 Link fall 00

Spring 05

Bio 240

General Microbiology

Link spring 05

Spring 05

Bio 415

 Bio 415 Introduction to biotechnology Manufacturing Training

 Link spring 05




Born:  Aug 18 1965.

High School:  Lincoln Way High School.  New Lenox Il  1983

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