Physics - Prof. Ilkka Koskelo

Contact info:

Office: 7312
koskelo {at} smccd {dot} edu
Office hours:
see schedule below

My Fall 2016 schedule


Fall 2016 courses:
Traditional: PHYS 220, 270
Hybrid*: PHYS 210, 220

*Note: First meetings of hybrid courses occur at the
first lab meeting of the semester:
PHYS 210 HA (CRN 94915): Thurs, Aug 18
PHYS 210 HB (CRN 94916): Fri, Aug 19
PHYS 220 HA (CRN 92490): Tues, Aug 23

Advance orientation info email: (hybrid only)
will be sent to smccd email of all pre-registrants
and waitlistees on the first day of the semester (Aug 17).
For students unable to add/wailist (and late adds after this date),
email me directly to get this vital information.

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Physics News & Links:
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Science Lecture series @Skyline - Mondays 4:30pm (Fall-Spring)

Other Jobs / Internships / Scholarships / Events:

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Posted here:
Date or Deadline:
Transfer center workshops @ Skyline
various Su16
Engineering instructor for kids
Pre-Medical Surgical Internship @UC Davis
Transfer Reps from various colleges @Skyline
Fall 2014
Study abroad
Fall 2014
Pister Award & Scholarship (to UC Santa Cruz)
Fall 2014

Physics news/articles:
The black hole collision that reshaped physics
First ever observation of gravitational waves in black hole merger
Lots of fun physics demos
The physics of brain folding
Computer modeling predicts existence of new planet in our solar system
This Millenial might be the new Einstein
Perception of time video
Einstein's ideas explained with only the thousand most common words
Unsolvable problems in quantum mechanics?
Pi in quantum mechanics
Cartoon: circuits (make sure to mouseover image)
Sound wave tractor beam (w/ video x2)
Star-Shaped Droplet Levitated By Sound
Curving basketball dam drop
Top 11 physics discoveries of 2014
Photo catches light as both particle and wave / video
Quadruple image of supernova in "Einstein Cross"
Cartoon: Four fundamental forces
Electric eels
Guide to dimensions
Some of Earth's water predates Earth itself-- implications on alien life?
Physics experiment to determine if we're living in a 2D hologram
Cartoon: Label your axes
Cartoon: Abusing dimensional analysis
• Electric energy - windmills in Malawi: TED talk / Daily Show interview

Student Organizations:
• SMUD Solar Regatta Spring 2015
Society for Women Engineers (SWE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Skyline Research Club
Honors club