What to purchase

To understand your purchase options you must read everything on this page before you begin the purchase process. Please read these instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Also, be sure to read the Recommended books information at the end of this page.


You will purchase MyAccountingLab

You are required to purchase MyAccountingLab, an online learning system. You will complete all assignments (homework, quizzes, exams, extra credit) using MyAccountingLab.


Use MyAccountingLab for free for two weeks

MyAccoutingLab offers a 14-day free trial version. The free trial version includes access to the online textbook so you can get started today.


Purchase options

Everyone must purchase MyAccountingLab at a cost of $75. In addition, you have the option to purchase the textbook in two different formats:

      eText (online textbook): Additional cost,  $55

o  You can purchase the eText when you purchase MyAccountingLab or at a later time

      Printed textbook: Additional cost, $75 (binder ready: loose-leaf, three hole punched)

o  You must purchase MyAccountingLab first and then purchase the printed textbook in a later step


You can purchase the eText or printed textbook at any time during the semester at the costs listed above; there is no cost savings for purchasing the eText or printed textbook at the time you originally purchase MyAccountingLab.


Your total cost for each combination will be:

      MAL only, $75

      MAL with eText (online textbook), $130 ($75 + $55)

      MAL with printed textbook, $150 ($75 + $75)

      MAL with online eText and printed textbook, $205 ($75 + $55 + 75)



Some students like doing everything online, and the eText allows you to click a link in each question and go directly to the section in the eText that will you help. However, you lose access to the eText at the end of the semester and some students find the eText hard to read.


My recommendation is to purchase MAL with the printed textbook.  I think the printed textbook is easier to read and you keep the printed textbook forever. The printed textbook takes about two weeks to arrive, so if you are going to purchase the printed textbook place your order as soon as possible.


Follow the steps below to

      Start your 14-day free trial

      Purchase MyAccountingLab

      Purchase the eText or the printed textbook


To start, copy the Course ID highlighted in yellow or green.


ACTG 161 Course ID: maule71146


ACTG 162 Course ID: maule64998


      Go to MyLab and Mastering website and click Student in Register area on right side.

      Enter Course ID listed above and click Continue (you may paste the Course ID you copied)

      Verify course information to make sure you selected the right class.

      Sign-in to your existing Pearson account OR create a new account.

o  If you have used MyAccountingLab before (or any Pearson MyLab or Mastering course) enter your username and password, and click Sign In.

o  If you dont have a Pearson account, click Create an Account and complete form.

      See screen shot below. You will NOT use an Access Code. On right side of screen:

o  Click   $130.00 USD   to purchase MyAccountingLab with eText (online textbook)

o  Click   $75.00 USD   to purchase MyAccountingLab only

o  At bottom of the screen click temporary access to begin 14-day free trial

>>> If you wish to purchase the printed textbook you will do that in a later step <<<

      Complete screens required.

      Click Go to Your Course to access your online course.



Steps to purchase eText or printed textbook

You may purchase the eText or the printed textbook at any time during the semester. In the instructions above you can purchase the eText at the time you originally purchase MyAccountingLab.  If you wish to purchase the printed textbook or if you purchased MAL without the eText and you now wish to purchase the eText see the screen shot below and follow the steps below:

      Login to your MyAccountingLab account

      Click Course Home

      Click Purchase Options

o  Printed textbook: Select link in first option, my.PearsonStore.com.

o  eText: Select link in second option, purchase access to the eText.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Bruce:Dropbox:Cloud-DB:New semester prep:ACTG 121:Purchase options.tiff


If you created a 14-day free access account

When you pay to purchase your permanent MyAccountingLab account you must:

1.   Login to your temporary account

2.   Make your payment


If you follow these steps your temporary account will be converted to a permanent account and all work you have completed will appear in your permanent account. Do not purchase MyAccountingLab by entering the Course ID again and creating a new account; this process will create two accounts, and the work from your temporary account will not appear in your permanent account. Your work will only appear in the Instructor Gradebook after you make your payment so all students must purchase MAL to pass the class.


Purchase MyAccountingLab one time for all Intermediate Accounting classes at CSM

MyAccountingLab is sold for a specific edition of the textbook.  If you purchased MAL for this textbook you will not purchase MAL again.  Instead, login to MAL, click on the Enroll in Another Course link on the first screen, and enter the Course ID for your new course.


After you purchase MyAccountingLab for ACTG 161 you may also have access to MyAccountingLab for ACTG 162 by clicking Enroll in Another Course and entering the Course ID for ACTG 162. You do not need to be enrolled in both ACTG 161 and ACTG 162 in WebSMART to have access to both courses in MyAccountingLab; once you have purchased MAL you can access MAL for all current and future courses using this textbook.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:brucemaule:Desktop:MAL-Enroll-New-Section4.tiff


Need help with MyAccountingLab?

For help with any issue go to the MyLab Student page. After you click the link scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the videos and click the links.


Recommended books

There are two excellent supplemental books I highly recommend. These books are on two-hour reserve at the CSM library so you can review them before your purchase. Some students use these books instead of the textbook.


      Wiley CPAexcel FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting), about $50

o  The Good Points: The book is very well written, and it explains every topic we will cover in an easy to read summary format.  The books are updated every year, so you always get the most recent coverage of the topics. There are many examples of how to solve problems. The book also includes topics that will be on the CPA exam that are not covered in Intermediate Accounting. The book has thousands of past CPA exam questions you so you see how the topics will be tested on the CPA exam. I love this book – it helped me learn how to teach Intermediate Accounting. If you are preparing for the CPA exam the sooner you starting using this book the better.

o  The Bad Points: The book has so much material it can be overwhelming. The chapters in the Wiley book do not exactly match the chapters in the textbook, so you need to use the index and jump around in the Wiley book.

o  How to Purchase:

  To purchase the 2015 edition from Amazon click here.

  You can also click here to purchase the 2014 edition at a much lower cost (the current edition and previous edition are virtually identical, and for our class the previous edition will work perfectly well).


      Schaums Outlines: Intermediate Accounting I and II, about $10 each

o  The Good Points: The books have step-by-step examples of how to solve problems you will see in MAL. The explanations are direct, short, and clear. The vast majority of topics in Intermediate Accounting are well covered in the Schaums books. You can purchase the books at a very low cost.

o  The Bad Points: A few topics in the textbook are not covered in the Schaums Outline. The books were last updated in 2011 and 2007, so some of the material is out of date. However, despite these bad points, the Schaums Outlines are still very useful.

o  How to Purchase:

  To purchase Intermediate I click here.

  To purchase Intermediate II click here.