Engaging Taste Through Cooking


Assignment: prepare a meal a bit beyond your usual level of culinary skill. Write about it.


  Describe your planning and preparations. How did you chose the menu and recipes?

  As you prepare the meal, taste individual ingredients, take notes and try to describe the flavors and aromas.

  Presentation arrange the meal artistically and take a photo (you can email the photo)

  Eat it! Describe the tastes analyze the contribution of each ingredient.

  Is there any cultural heritage or family context that is associated with this food?


A suggestion, especially for those new to cooking pick a few favorite dishes and make them again and again. For more on this approach, see the DVD extras for Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003). Director Robert Rodriguez discusses making puerco pibil (the clip is also on YouTube).


A+ = vivid writing that is emotionally engaging.

A = clear writing that conveys a good mix of detail and overview.

B = adequate writing that lacks detail or is missing an overall perspective.

C = generally adequate writing but incorrect or confusing use of terms

D = incomplete work; poor writing

F = does not meet standards for college work, but much better than zero points for the assignment


DC Meckler
March 2008

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