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MUS 100 music fundamentals




Class materials to download (all are .pdf files):


Blank music manuscript paper, nine staves (portrait format)


Blank music manuscript paper, five staves (landscape format).  Better for taking notes.


Worksheet 1 (includes answers)


Worksheet 2                          Worksheet 2 answers


Worksheet 3                          answers


Worksheet 4                          answers


Simplified version of Lesson 51 – major, minor, perfect, augmented & diminished intervals (for Test #4)


Worksheet 5                          answers


Worksheet 6                          answers


Worksheet 7                          answers


Composition Assignment for last week of class


Final Worksheet                   answers reviewed in class



Extra Credit (will add up to 3 points to your final score, or 10 points to an exam score, whichever helps you the most)


Audio versions (computer demos, extra slow) of the two copying examples


Bach                           Beethoven


Free noteflight notation software


Fun supplemental websites for theory and ear training:


One of the many free ear-training sites you can find on the web:


An excellent theory presentation:


A very comprehensive review of music theory:


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