Sound Cultures of the World (MUS 250 World Music)

Supplemental CD: Africa, Middle East, Spain, Cuba


 (key words in bold)


Africa (Shona people, Zimbabwe)

[1] Nhemamusasa (title, "cutting branches for shelter") note buzzy, complex timbre, polyrhythm.  Instrument:  mbira. 


Africa - Pygmy

[2] BaMbuti girls initiation music -- 2 short examples.  note interlocking parts (hocket) of equal importance (polyphony). 


Africa – Mande people (Mali)

[3] praise song (genre), “Ala L’a Ke” (title).  note descending melodic line.  Instrument:  kora


Africa – Ewe people (Ghana)

[4] Gadzo, a dance – listen for the bell part and how the other rhythms shift around it (polyrhythm) (selections from Excursions in World Music textbook CD).  Compare to Avles Atsia Suite listening example.



[5] sung recitation of the Koran.  Segment name:  Sura Josef.  Note the step-wise melodic organization, the non-metrical feel, and the silences. 

[6] Double clarinet (mitbij) & percussion (naqqarat - small double kettle drum) At 5:00, the rhythmic mode is changed (from a fast 5 to 8). (Iraq)

[7] A taksim (genre/practice) played on the ud exploring a maqam.  Soloist:  Munir Bashir Note silences & the subtle drift between non-metrical & metrical sections.  (Egypt) (selections from The Music of the Arabs CD)

[8] Persian vocal performance (Iran); again, note the subtle drift between non-metrical & metrical sections.  The vocal line, full of florid ornamentation (tahrir) and intensity, starts at 2:50.  Selection title: Homayun, a text by the poet Hafez.  (CD from the JVC World Sounds series, Classical Vocal Art of Persia, VICG-5269-2). 


Spain (Gypsy, Andalusia)

[9] Flamenco (genre) (title: Soleá).  Note that the vocal line is full of florid ornamentation and intensity.  Hurtin’ lyrics: "Why do you mistreat me so? ... "   Emphasis on improvisation.  (CD title: Cante Gitano, Nimbus Records NI 5168). 



[10] traditional music performed by John Santos, Coro Folklorico Kindembo, CD title Hacia El Amor; Note clave rhythm & rhythmic complexityMore information at    Rumba (genre) - Cuban music with strong African roots; performed by an ensemble of three conga drums, other percussion, and claves (the instrument) with a lead singer and chorus; party music with dancing and commentary on everyday life & love. 


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