Listening Examples from Java and Bali

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Five key examples


[1] Gendhing Bubaran Kembang Pacar pelog patet nem.  A gamelan piece in the loud playing style from Java.


[2] Gendhing Landrang Wilujeng pelog pathet barang.  A gamelan piece in the soft playing style from Java.  Gendhing = a general type of composition; Landrang = name of rhythmic cycle; Wilujeng = the title, which translates as "safe" or "secure"; pelog = the scale; pathet barang = “barang” is the name of the particular mode (pathet) being used.


[3] genre: Gamelan Gong Kebyar.  title: TerunaFrom Bali.


[4] genre: Gender Wayang (music for wayang kulit); title: Ansarun.  Instrument(s): gender.  From Bali.  This uses the five-note slendro scale.


[5] genre: Ketjak (Ramayana Monkey Chant)  From Bali.



Additional listening examples


Two examples of music that preceded the Gamelan Gong Kebyar style. 

[6] gamelan gong g'de, ceremonial music of the Balinese courts

[7] gamelan semar pegulingan, another music of the Balinese courts


[8] Taruna Jaya, a complete piece in the Gamelan Gong Kebyar style.  (c. 16 minutes)  The choreography represents the shifting moods of a prince in love.


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