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Emeritus Professor of  Music and Humanities, Skyline College

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I teach a number of classes that help students broaden their appreciation of music and prepare for a musical career. Feel free to follow the links at the top of every page to find detailed information about each one of these areas of study. If you are already enrolled in one of my classes you will also find helpful information regarding assignments, informative links, and course requirements on these pages.

 I hope you find this website helpful!

Robert Millar is an emeritus Professor of Music and Humanities at Skyline College. After completing his studies at San Francisco State University, he went on to pursue post-graduate studies in performance in England. An accomplished pianist and conductor, he is also a proficient harpsichordist and percussionist. Professor Millar has performed in concerts throughout the U.S., Great Britain and France, both as a soloist and with numerous performing organizations.

A strong advocate of educational reform, Mr. Millar is responsible for developing a number of new courses at Skyline College, including HUM.106, The Awakening of Individuality, HUM. 117, The Arts, the Senses, and the Imagination, HUM. 115, Introduction to the Arts---Live!, MUS. 144, Concert Enjoyment,  HUM. 116, Children's Arts Appreciation, and the new online versions of MUS. 202, Music Appreciation, MUS. 204, Music History, and MUS. 100, Fundamentals of Music. He has taught in both the U.S. and in Great Britain (under the auspices of the U.S. Government Exchange Teachers Program), and was actively involved in the homeschooling of his own children. Mr. Millar has been a writer and book reviewer for national magazines and lives in the East Bay.

Contact Information

Office: 1115 (Office hours by appointment)

Mailing address:

Robert Millar

Creative Arts Division -- Skyline College

1547 Palos Verdes Mall #428

Walnut Creek, CA  94597

Phone and Voicemail: 650-738-4264

E-mail:  This is the best means of contact. (Please, no attachments.)

Link to my personal website and blog: The Arts, the Senses, and the Imagination

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