For the only hip hop conference out in the west coast, it really gives youth inspiration

and empowerment through this culture. Also, it gives me a sense of pride that I am even apart of this community.

The RTSB conference is a unique one

that offers a wide variety of workshops and experiences to young people, with a strong pro-social and positive emphasis. I recommend it highly to students and cannot think of many conferences like it.

Rock the School Bells is an event designed to showcase the beauty of hip-hop via the lens of education.

It is a chance to provide others with the opportunity to experience a musical genre from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, such that it may allow one to better themselves. Truly an engaging experience.

Rock The School Bells is a great outlet for youth

to get in touch with the hip hop culture and explore different mediums of expression--and the best part is the kids are eager to learn, which makes our jobs as facilitators that much more meaningful. The whole day was filled with excitement from the educators and attendees.

Rock The School Bells is a wonderful buffet of hip hop culture

for the younger generations to feed their hunger. It is the ideal place for us, the instructors who have grown up with hip hop and understand it intimately, to give and for the children to receive a lifetime of experience.

RTSB is an amazing event with the potential to positively influence so many youth in the Bay Area and beyond!

I'm so glad that Funkanometry SF could be a part of this event to help inspire youth to use dance and art as a means of self-expression. Youth need a venue to express themselves, and hip hop is a truly powerful way to give youth a VOICE and empower them to change their communities for the better.

RTSB 6 was so much fun to co-facilitate!

We hope that the youth that visited us learned something new and interesting. Looking forward to build with more youth next year!

RTSB 6 was the!

I highly recommend attend the conference to any hip hop head, or any one with an open mind to enjoy learning more about the culture of hip hop!

Large event dedicated to seeing the kids becoming plunged into a world of hip hop.