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Skyline plagiarism policy p. 32 Student Handbook
Link to Hacker's helpful hints for citing sources: MLA

Useful Articles: Mosaic II

NY Times obituary for Henry Wolsey: dead at 55 in Antarctica

"Wanted in Space..." 2/11/03 NY Times article about personality traits of astronauts

"Can't We Talk?" (condensed from: You Just Don't Understand) by Deborah Tannen

"U.K. Hospitals Issue Doctors' Dress Code" 9/17/07 AP article
"Out of Thick Air" 3/30/03 SF Chronicle interview with Arlene Blum about her life and new book

"British Accused of Lifting Article" 2/07/03 SF Chronicle article related to plagiarism

Mosaic II Essay Assignments (if different from in book)

Chapter 2 "Danger and Daring"

Chapter 4 "Beauty..."

Chapter 6 "The Mind ": dreams

Sample essays: Mosaic II

Chapter 1: Second draft

Chapter 1: Grade C paper

Chapter 1: Guess the grade

Chapt 2: Explorers

Chapter 3:_Man/woman communication

Chapter 4: Beauty and Aesthetics

Chapter 5: Rite of Passage

Chapter 6: The Mind/Dreams

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Book report
Personality profile report