Hui X Pate, Ph.D.
Professor of Business


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Office: Building 8, Room 8309

Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:30pm and by Appointment

Phone: (650) 738-4479
Fax: (650) 738-4205



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BUS 100

Introduction to Business


BUS 200.

Introduction to International Business


BUS 279

Import/Export Management


BUS 230

International Marketing

BUS 243 Legal Env. of International Business Publisher
BUS 241 Business Information Systems Publisher
BUS 248 Asian Management Systems  
BUS 221 Intercultural Business Communication  
BUS 226 Global Business Negotiations  
BUS 680 Study Abroad in China online



When East meets West - It took a long journey for me to reach the other side of the Pacific Ocean. It was a dream come true for me to pursue my graduate studies in the United States: MBA in International Business, M.S. in Business Education and a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology. I have been teaching business and computer software application courses for 7 years at both Concordia University Wisconsin and Skyline College. I have a keen interest in teaching, because it not only provides me with great satisfaction by helping my students to learn, but also challenges me to expand my horizons as well. Aside from being actively involved in my teaching career, I also enjoy working with research projects and business enterprises. I am currently in charge of the Title VI A Grant from the Department of Education which fosters business and international education. I am also involved with the Center for International Trade Development. I believe in pragmatism in education. As educators, we are responsible to prepare our students to be a competent, well informed, and educated citizens, ready to successfully function in the new millennium.

Professional Organizations

  • National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators NASBITE
  • Center for International Business Education and Research CIBER
  • California community Colleges Business Educators
  • Northern California Advocates for Global Education NCAGE
  • League for Innovation in the Community College League