Regina Pelayo
Cosmetology Instructor



Contact Information

Office:Building 8 Room 304
Office Hours: Tues. 5pm - 6pm
Phone: 650 738-4178




Semester Course Course Description
Spring 2002 Cosm 740 Cosmetology Concepts/Practice V
Spring 2002 Cosm 775 Esthetician




I have worked in the field of Cosmetology for over 30 years. As a Cosmetologist for 15 years, I pursued my first dream of teaching. 5 years later, along with working behind a chair, I received my instructor's license and taught Esthetics in a private Cosmetology school. I started my career in teaching in a public institution here at Skyline as a part-time instructor. I really loved teaching and decided to make it my full-time career.

I enjoy teaching cosmetology and esthetics here at Skyline. I watch as many former students go into the field and are successful in this industry. Because the esthetic field is continually expanding, there is always so much to absorb and new technology is constantly available to enhance the existing knowledge for students. I have had the opportunity to work with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, helping them in the field of esthetics. I also worked as a medical make-up artist, as well. Many Skyline graduates from the esthetics program are already working in the medical field.

I traveled extensively as a child because my father was in the military and we moved every 4 years. Most of my early memories came from living in Europe. In October 2000, I was able to visit many of the places where I had lived abroad.

When I am not teaching at Skyline, I love to play tennis, walk my dogs, work in my garden, barbecue, or just lay around in the back yard reading a good book.

I have two children (a boy and a girl) and am now looking forward to my first grandchild this year in June. At that time, I plan to be even busier than I am now.