Henrik Ibsen Lodge #7 Sons of Norway Club House Stavanger Hill

Location for meetings now
Brotherhood Masonic Temple
855 Brotherhood Way
San Francisco, CA
4th Friday, 7:00 pm


Dovre Hall, home of Henrik Ibsen Lodge 1935 - 1979 In 1935, the Sons of Norway bott the building and changed its name to Dovre Hall (in honor of the Dovre Mountains of are homeland).We meet to conduct business for the good of the order and to have social contact with others. We are a fraternal organization that supports our Norwegian heritage. Part of our fraternalism is reflected by having a scholarship program (Peter P Johnson). We have voluntary insurance benefits available upon request.

Lodge President Eileen D Conlan (415) 595-4812 leen1027@gmail.com
Lodge Vice President Vicki Lee Running
Lodge Secretary John M Conlan (415) 664-4627 jconland@pacbell.net

Lodge Financial Secretary Jeannette M Holt (650) 588-0727 jeni94080@yahoo.com