General Psychology


Psychology 100 OLH                                                          Sondra Saterfield, Professor

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FALL 2008


Course Description: Introductory psychology course designed to examine principles of learning, theories of personality, uses for tests and measurements, behavioral disorders, mental health theories, developmental aspects of individuals, and social psychology. Students study experimental designs, research data, and their social implications. Transfer: CSU: DSI, UC (IGETC: 4)


Course Objective: To introduce psychology as a discipline and to trace its historical roots. Additionally, to identify within the field of psychology the most important issues, to describe the different perspectives from which psychologist examine behavior and mental processes, and to identify important subfields of psychology.


Required Texts/Materials:

·   PSYCHOLOGY by Ciccarelli, Saundra K. and Meyer, Glenn E 

·   PSYCHOLOGY CONCEPT NOTES (to accompany Psychology textbook) Optional

·   Other reading assignments as indicated throughout course.

·   eCOLLEGE- registered students for this course use their college ID as the access code to register on this website. You will receive an email with log on instructions.

·   Other online reading assignments may be assigned.

·   An Internet connection and valid e-mail address.


eCOLLEGE Website contains information to reinforce topics of General Psychology for this course. The Student Orientation Tutorial (SOT) gives information about the various features of the website. Review the Course Home web pages for directions to navigate through this online course, and each Week’s web pages to determine which chapter assignments to complete online by the due dates. Students will be assigned discussion questions and chapter test to complete weekly.


Course Requirements:

1. Test. Weekly online tests are assigned for each chapter’s lecture.  Log on to eCOLLEGE website and read     assigned chapters to prepare for weekly test. Use the student ID and password to log on to the course. Access     the course by clicking on

2. Examinations. There will be a Final Exam. The Final Exam will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions.     The test items will be taken primarily from the textbook reading assignments.

3. Discussion Board Assignments. Weekly discussion board questions will be assigned weekly. Questions for     discussions will be based on readings from the assigned chapters and online lectures. These assignments must     be posted online by 9 PM PST Friday of each week. No late assignments will be allowed.

 4. Journal Article Review. A 4-page review paper for a peer reviewed, referred, or scholarly journal article is      to be completed. This paper is to be in APA Style format.

5. Autobiography. A 3-4 page autobiography is due at the end of this course. This paper should include psychological aspects of your life that reflects major influences in shaping your behavior. (Was your mother, father, or both parental influences influential to who you are, or close relationship with siblings or friends that helped construct your present personality and being today?) Apply at least three constructs or psychological theories (e.g., maturation; emotional; learning; or personality theory) in your autobiography that was learned through this course. A photo (photocopy) reflecting some significant time in your life must be included. This assignment is to be word processed and single-spaced with a title page. Other guidelines for this paper will be posted on the website.


6. Extra –Credit. There will be NO extra credit assigned in this course.


Grading:  Grades will be based on the following criteria.


                                                              Requirements                                Assigned Points


           Online Chapter Test                        300 points

           Chapter Activities                           300 points

           Journal Article                                100 points

           Autobiography                               150 points

            Final Examination                         100 points


                                             Total Points                                    950  POINTS      



Grading Percentages

            90-100%     = A

            75-89%       = B

            55-74%       = C

            40-54%       = D

       Below 39%      = F


Important Policies:


Students take sole and complete responsibility for withdrawal procedures from this course.


All examinations must be taken at the regularly scheduled times. Communicate with the professor before exam about problems. There are no make-up examinations.


Students with disabilities who have special needs and may need test accommodations must report to the Disabled Students Center at the beginning of the course. Contact the DSPS office at 306-3259.


The Professor will retain all exams, papers, and records of cumulative points for six weeks into the succeeding semester, if the student wishes to question their course grade. After that period, all student course materials will be discarded.



 Student Learning Outcomes: