Family History Report:

Total Points for paper = 50 pts.  

The Family History Report is a one-page single spaced report ( with the second page a photo) that covers each category listed below. Each category has points assigned and to receive maximum points you are required to meet the following:

Provide a clear picture of yourself as an infant, toddler or young child.

All other points are for meeting written report requirements below.  Deduction of points for each missing part of requirements:

pin Your name, family name, and if married, married name. The history of your family name(s), its origin and/or country/nationality

pin Time/date of birth and any particular circumstances surrounding your birth.  Usually mothers and fathers, or other relative know these stories.

pin Location where you were born; city, state, country, hospital name (if available) or if you were born  at home.

pin Identity of both parents: birth name of mother, nationality, ethnicity, and where your parents met .

pin Location where parents were born; city, state, country.

pin Identity of siblings, age, gender, or by marriage.

pin Your birth order.

pin Identify of grandparents, their background, place of birth, nationality or ethnicity.

Each persons' family history is unique. Therefore, if you find it difficult or you have not found information in which to respond to any categories required, you must explain WHY in your report to receive credit.

  Upload this assignment in a Word file (doc.) to Week 3 Dropbox. Remember to use your last name when saving this file.


Family History Report Grade: ___________________