Jo Silken, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer



Physical Education/Sports Medicine

Contact Information

Office: Portable 3B

Office Hours: 12 noon to 6:30 PM Monday - Friday
Phone: 650 738.4283

E-mail: Jo Silken

New Sports Medicine Camp!




Course Description


Summer 2011

Sports Medicine Camp
Program coming soon.

Sports Medicine Camp
Flyer and Application


Fall 2010

PE 203 crn 90199

Sports Medicine: Clinical Internship

Fall 2010

PE 680 crn 92833

Core Fitness Training


(reference only)

PE 213

Sports Medicine

(reference only)

PE 214

Sports Medicine Lab

Sports Medicine Camp Presentations

(reference only)

PE 201

Sports Medicine: The Lower Extremities

(reference only)

PE 202

Sports Medicine: The Upper Extremities & Spine


Jo Silken, ATC Sports Medicine & Athletic Trainer

History and Background


Certified by the National Athletic trainers Association. Athletic trainer in the San Mateo Community College District for 27 years, nine years at Canada College and the past thirteen years at Skyline College.

International Athletic Training Experience: First female athletic trainer in the country to serve the United States Olympic Medical Committee at the 1975 Pan American Games. United States Women's Volleyball team trainer for 3 years, United States Wrestling Teams staff for the last six years, 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1992 Atlanta Olympic Games, 1999 Women's World Cup Soccer, and many other international competitions.

Professional Organizations


Currently serving on the Board of Directors for the California Community College Athletic Trainers Association and as a Calmat chair for the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Awards and Accomplishments


Received the Far West Athletic Trainers Association's Special Service, Special Recognition Awards, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award and, the National Athletic Trainers Association Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award.

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