Writing & Reading Rhetoric


What, Why, and How?

Mastering 15 Concepts to Become a Better Writer

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Rectangle: Rounded Corners: I
          Introduction: Behind the Rhetoric
                                         PowerPoint:  Introduction

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 0              
              Overview of the 15 Concepts
                                         PowerPoint:  Overview

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 1http://accounts.smccd.edu/skyenglish/rhetoric.pdf#page=19                        (pages 19-84)

-Before reading strategies
-While reading strategies
-After reading strategies
-Faculty-written texts

PowerPoints: Before, While, After, Faculty
Videos (narrated by authors): Faculty-texts

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 2                                (pages 85-94)


-Definition and rationale    
-Breaking down critical thinking
-Bloom’s Taxonomy
-Higher & lower levels of thinking

PowerPoint: Critical Thinking

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 3                             (pages 95-109)

-Text-based approach  
-General paper guidelines
-Paper topics

    * Creating your own
    * Breaking down prompts

PowerPoint: Paper Topics

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 4                                     (pages 110-169)
                         THE WRITING   

-Creating Essay Titles
-Essay Checklist

PowerPoints: Prewriting, Outlining, Writing
Videos: The Writing Process

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 5                               (pages 170-183)

-General formatting
-Titles & Authors
-In-Text Citations
-Works Cited Guidelines & Example
-Creating a Works Cited List

PowerPoint: MLA Conventions

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 6                            (pages 184-199)

-Students Responding to Feedback
-Grading Standards

PowerPoint:  Evaluating Writing

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 7                       (pages 200-227)     

-Definition and rationale
-Thesis: simple & complex
-Narrowing down a topic
-Text-based thesis statements
-Creating a thesis
-Revising a thesis
-Where to put a thesis

PowerPoint: Thesis Statements
Videos: Thesis Statements

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 8                           (pages 228-242)
                        & CONCLUSIONS

    * What, Why and How
    * Examples & Practice 
    * What, Why and How
    * Examples & Practice

PowerPoint: Introductions & Conclusions

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 9                             (pages 243-261)                                                     

Definition and rationale
-PIE Paragraphs
-Creating PIE paragraphs
-Peer Response for PIE paragraphs
-Topic Sentences

PowerPoint: Paragraphs
Videos: Paragraphs

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 10                          (pages 262-282)

-The Honesty Pledge  
-Quoting & Paraphrasing

-Smoothly Integrating Quotes
   * Evaluating sources
   * Search strategies

PowerPoint: Integrating Sources

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 11                                (pages 283-294)           
                          TIMED WRITING

-Reviewing essay elements
-Breaking down a prompt
-Creating a rough outline
-Managing your time
-Additional tips
-Timed writing checklist

PowerPoint: Timed Writing

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 12                                         (pages 295-319)           

-Fiction & Drama: types and terms
-Sample essay on a short story
-Poetry: types and terms
-Poetry Chart
-Sample essay on a poem
-Literary Theories

PowerPoint: Literature

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 13                         (pages 320-349)

-Point of View
-Word Choice
-Sentence Crafting
-Sentence Combining
-Misspelled & Misused Words

PowerPoint: Style

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 14                            (pages 350-439)

-Adjectives/Adverbs      -Fragments
-Appositives                 -Possessives
-Articles                  -Run-togethers
-Commas              -Subject-Verb ID
-Contractions       -Verb Agreement
-Coordinators          -Subordinators
-Dangling Modifiers     -Verb tenses

PowerPoint: Grammar

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: 15                           (pages 440-458)

-Advice specifically designed for
  non-native English speakers

PowerPoint: Non-Native Speakers

Written by Skyline English teachers with contributions from our Librarians and the ESOL teachers. 

Authors of the Rhetoric:

Rachel Bell, Jim Bowsher, Eric Brenner, Serena Chu-Mraz, Liza Erpelo, Kathleen Feinblum, Nina Floro, Gwen Fuller, Chris Gibson, Katharine Harer, Cheryl Hertig,  Lucia Lachmayr, Eve Lerman, Nancy Kaplan-Beigel, Nathan Jones, Garry Nicol, Janice Sapigao, Leigh Anne Shaw, Paula Silva, Jessica Silver-Sharp, Mine Suer, Mike Urquidez, Rob Williams, Karen Wong, and Susan Zoughbie

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