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    -Before reading strategies:
          Habits of Highly Effective Readers
          Pre-Reading Strategies:
                - Activating Schema
                - PQPC: Preview, Question, Predict, Code
                - KWL+
                - KWHL

    -While reading strategies:
          Identifying Topics, Main, Major, and Minor Ideas
          Word parts and Context clues

    -After reading strategies:
          Creating Text-Based Questions:
                - Open-Ended Discussion Questions
                - Questioning Circles
          Understanding a Text:
                - Mapping/Clustering a Text
                - Summarizing a Text
                - Organizational Charts
                - Levels of Comprehension
                - Contextualizing, Reflecting, Evaluating and Comparing
          Reacting to a Text:
                - Journaling (double-entry, reading response)
                - Academic Speed Dating

    -Faculty-Written Texts: (to apply the reading strategies)
          -“Learning to Read” by Jessica Powers

          -What Happened to the African-American Middle Class” by Nathan Jones
          -“Salute” by James Tipton
          - Excerpt from Samba Dreamers by Kathleen de Azevedo Feinblum


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