Skyline College

Lori Slicton

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women in Transition Coordinator
Anthropology Club Advisor



Social Science/Creative Arts and SMT

Contact Information

Office: Building 2-2313

Office Hours: MW 12:00-2:00PM,
T/TR 8:30-11:00AM

Phone: 650 738-4157






Course Description

Spring 2007 Social Science 160 Women In Transition Seminar (syllabus)

Spring 2007

Anthropology 110 AA

Cultural Anthropology (syllabus)

Spring 2007

Anthropology 125 AA

Physical Anthropology (syllabus)

Spring 2007 Anthropology 360 Native Peoples of North America (syllabus)
Spring 2007 Anthropology 150 Intro to Archaeology: Bones, Beads and the Basics of Material Culture (syllabus)

Spring 2007

Anthropology 110 AH

Cultural Anthropology Honors (syllabus)

Reference Anthropology 165 Sex and Gender: Cross Cultural Prospectives
Reference Anthropology 155 Phrehistory and the Rise of Civilizations
Reference Anthropology 180 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion